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  1. Morning everyone, throwback to my first proper watch! Have a great day!
  2. For brightening the plating? Some of the 'wear' on the plating is not where I would expect it to occur, so I am going to see if some of it might not just be 'crud'. Gently does it!
  3. C. 1955 Sturmanskie 17j hacking seconds. I am going to try some Listerine on the lugs!
  4. Exceedingly rare occurrence for me, a fried breakfast, but needs must, when the devil drives us.
  5. Time for some anger management. This ought to pick up my blood sugar! Desperate measures lol
  6. Swiss watch by Gucci? Oh, if I must.
  7. Time for a brew in the greenhouse. The bedding plants are having a drink too ...
  8. Going to visit the folks now .... Up a notch! Love me an ETA Valjoux 7750 so I do. Especially running one second off chronometer spec, for a measly sum off eBay! I have the identical strap in 22mm if anyone wants one - I changed to an all black leather with yellow stitching, so don't need the orange
  9. Moving furniture today ... it's gonna get a lickin' ! Save me a beer, someone! And have a good day.
  10. I thought a lot of people might have a reference watch by which all others were corrected to show the right time. With the advent of digital radio the pips are not reliable any more. Hence my radio controlled watch. Fantastic clean dial Don't your watches have a 'chief' that you check them against? Because it's always accurate to the second?
  11. I wouldn't mind, but I was actually looking at my watch and suddenly the 'day' sub-dial hand went whizzing round a few times and I had never witnessed the mechanics of the date change before. Derrr... I blame The Glenlivet! I'll be on a charge ...
  12. That is not the problem, I routinely fit date magnifiers. The problem is the date wheel is set well below the dial, the chapter ring is deep, therefore the magnified image is too big to fit on the cyclops! The crystal is big, perhaps it would take a bigger magnifier. ... But a lesson learned about the 'strength' of a cyclops - it has to be mated to the distance from the object. Glad for the opportunity 'defects' afford, to bore you! Unfortunately started typing the thread before midnight ready to post ooops.
  13. One watch to rule them all and set them when I wind 'em. This watch does several things, but it tells the time too, and jolly well! It's the daddy.The hands are blued steel, the strap is leather RAF style G10 by vintagewatchstraps. The strap, and lug, width is 22mm, but the bars are curved as the strap is quite thick, hence you get to see a smidgin of spring bar. The sweep second hand does running seconds normally, and chrono seconds when required. Retrograde day indicator on the 6 o'clock sub-dial does 1/20 seconds in chrono mode. SOTC pic above, just now, below -
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