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  1. Pretty sure most people have done that, so much focus on the minute hand, and judging the backlash, and anticipating the second hand ...
  2. all the pilots I know wear them especially the big ones!
  3. You can get some proper hands from monsterwatches and swap them out: Gilt might look better: so it's not all doom and glume. I want one.
  4. My best friend, Graham the ladybird, and I are in the park having a picnic. Unfortunately Graham had to leave unexpectedly, something about his house being on fire. Hope it's not serious. JJ
  5. Well the sun came out, seems rude not to change for my constitutional. Also caught the seconds hand bang over the 7. I like it when a design comes together! HAGD
  6. The bracelet suits the watch, it is more lumpy than a typical engineer - my Geckota version is smooth and silky!
  7. p.s. if you are worried about how it will look, I am guessing that the answer will be 'big' - the watches are smart, but designed for the great outdoors and activities where you are not unduly concerned about tucking it under a cuff. A wet suit will give your wrist a bit of extra girth, wear it over that, and you'll be fine. I find I need to go up a shirt size though, if I have my wet suit on underneath.
  8. Rain again so plenty of WR and a sensible strap. Which is anti-bac treated, so I can extend my bathing interval by an extra week! HAGD
  9. As for the Bloxworth funnily enough I have not tried one, my tastes in chronographs are very vintage. I do own a current model chrono but even that has a now obsolete (quartz) movement. I had a big quartz Shinola chrono and there was nothing wrong with it until I started timing things and couldn't read the sub dials without my specs. My new one has centre seconds and minutes on the centre (sweep). The Traska is very nice and in my zone, indeed I modified my Kimmeridge and this has hands similar to the ones I used, although I didn't go full-on gladiator. What diameter is the Traska case?
  10. I have 6 kinetics and this quartz - it is almost identical to one of the kinetics, and I bought it to donate the crystal to its cousin, however I did manage to do a good bit of rescue work on the kinetic crystal, and decided that the risks of opening a 100m case outweighed the benefits. When this needs a battery, I might just do the crystal swap, and then send the kinetic away for a new power cell and have the case re-tested at the same time when it is put back together. FYI my wife has been making someone else's life a misery for many the long year now
  11. Probably some more DIY coming on, so my only actual 'beater'. Although many of my watches must face the usual perils without flinching, this is the only watch that has to mix it with power tools and abrasives. HAGD
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