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  1. I got a GP SQ for my 18th, from Brighton funnily enough, and remember the jeweller disappointing the chap in front of us regarding the provenance of his 'Rolex'.
  2. Just need a bit of clarity for a change ...
  3. Just bumped this because it's a better picture than today's lol
  4. hands are a mil or so short for me, but not a bad design I saw a guy do a full refurb on one, and fitted the old wire lugs I like my swiveling ears lol
  5. time my boiled яйца again! because my 3017 chrono is fixed! And looking on fleek, I would say. Cyrillic on the movement so I am guessing '65 . p.s. he doesn't know, but he is getting a little brother, from Siberia! I know of a chap who has two, one with a red lollipop, the other with a lumed one, but I am definitely a lume guy, so happy with mine.
  6. @mach 0.0013137 will be wearing 4 if he sees this
  7. Handy if you need a bit of light reading too, no need to find a book! I dunno, the metal of the one at the top definitely looks greyer and the one at the bottom looks silverer, so not the same really, like a farmer can recognise his cows I suppose.
  8. GMT watches are pointless unless you actually travel a lot and need one - they make telling the time more difficult because the GMT hand is nearly always red and is far more prominent than the local time hand. It should be grey or something. So you can find it if you need it. Or just wear two watches.
  9. I often think of sporty watches when I see contrasting stitching, or pilot's watches. The strap looks nice on that watch, for me it would depend on what occasion and with what attire you normally wear it. Quick release straps are good, btw!
  10. ok, i was late to this party so i still got a discount - I was interested in the 'red 12' from the states but lost the link, that's just released oh - origin watch company
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