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  1. They are buying watches that will not make their partners too attractive to other women, obvs.
  2. I tried to put one on the bay last night, but the listing tool wasn't working properly (they had server issues today too) and anyway, this morning I changed my mind ha ha ha
  3. I would have bought the blue one already, but, erm, no more watches (and sales corner a tad slow lol)!
  4. no I would be driving - I think we shot off home for some hot chocolate! me too! Seagull edition:
  5. no dog, just a random hiking dog on our route
  6. It was! February 2012 - she is bigger than me now , I have to watch MY step! is that after the pub?
  7. I have been drinking out of Mach's cup again. Having to do a bit of 'straporama' swapping ready for some incoming and have this on now, bit of Italian leather for my birthyearish watch. Have a great Sunday.
  8. Morning, Should see more daylight! RAF NATO by vintagewatchstraps
  9. Maybe if it didn't say Reginald on the dial - oh, and it really was a chronometer, and the cyclops was on square ...
  10. as you can see there was not much of a great view from Pendle the day we went up
  11. The Rossignol pair I did Snowdon in won't do another mountain (I bet I had them 8 yrs plus change) but my Zamberlan are still looking good - they are Vibram / Gore-tex too. Mine last me quite a while but I do have about 5 prs in rotation from mountain boots through lightweights to approach shoes. (2 x Moac, 1 x Karrimor, 1 x Hi-tec v-lite, 1 x Zamberlan, 0 x Rossignololololol!). And some Rohan walking shoes. Wait - sorry, I thought I was on The Boot Forum
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