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  1. Fashionable today, have a good one.
  2. I like all my watches, even the cheap ones. With a few exceptions, it's hard to make the case for expensive watches, except as jewelry, club membership or badges.
  3. I have several watches, including the one in today's WRUW, on 'RAF style' NATO straps from vintagewatchstraps. They don't have the double thickness under the watch. Here are my other two straps, and my Strela will probably go on one as well. You can have leather keepers or a choice of metal, and wear the buckle wear you like.
  4. I think that's a nice design, the hand length works really well.
  5. 3133 re-issue for me, and a bit of Cyrillic. Have fun!
  6. I keep my eye on Argos in case they ever come on sale, would buy another if cheap enough. Nice reliable simple watch. Obviously I don't need two, but a bead-blasting project would be sufficient excuse.
  7. An SOTC pic, but this is the watch, and outfit, I am wearing today! Gets the job done! Have a smashing day everybody.
  8. Some lovely dress watches Tag every time
  9. Aah, but in the country of Aberdeen, they have only just given up cubits and bushels. Neither has Brussels any hold over the radius of bananas or cucumbers I hear.
  10. I like a red 12 - got my eye on a Dugena, but no local sellers. Hoping someone on here would buy one, tell me if they are any good, before I risk mail order
  11. Those were the days, I used to get a baker's dozen. Since this common market malarkey my baker went decimal and I get them in 10's. Brexit means Brexit!
  12. No dual time for me today - lots of appointments so I have to line the hour hands up (I'm easily confused!). Looks nice though!
  13. I leave at least 45 minutes between each set of doughnuts, unless they are custard doughnuts, in which case I leave a 47.5 minute interval.
  14. For the most part. That is my point. I have looked into this closely, and been reading around Maktime and ChasProm, and my conclusion is also 'for the most part'. No-one seems to be unequivocal about which factory mine was made, or assembled, in. "One thing is certain" is not evidence. If you check my post about my watches, I refer to my sources for every statement of 'fact' however obvious, and invite people to give me feedback on the reliability of that source. I am thankful to you posting that paragraph, a bit of googling around it will surely pay dividends. Cheers, J
  15. Yes, I have strategic trousers over my tactical pants.
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