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  1. They only do that when they want to tic-tac. No - I even cancelled one sale at the last possible moment of a watch that I sold for £400 used that is now available £300.00 new - I suddenly remembered why I sold it ... I am going down my watch list going 'nope', 'nope' , nope' .... I think part of it is having nowhere to wear them!
  2. Thanks. And the bit I really like ...
  3. I appear to have changed into this - I can see the date is not right, but since I had a bit of a surprise to see it on my wrist, I shall let myself off. HAGD
  4. I'm actually on the ball, for once! Keep warm and we'll. J
  5. While waiting for the temperature to creep up I decided to put this back on the original 23mm bracelet, and it's not bad. A bit stuffy, but better suited than any of the straps I could find to fit this case. The taper helps. And the currant bun has put in a watery appearance - last time I 'waited for the weather to improve' before venturing out it just got worse, and I ended up getting soaked, so nice to see a plan come together this time, for a change. HAGD
  6. Have been so close to buying one of these and also the GMT 'Broadstone' I did have an Elliot Brown Holton Professional, but I found the 'special tool' strap changes too pesky (I do like a change of strap) and the bars too close to the case for many of my favourites - even the standard 1.5mm G10 - the Elliot straps were a more flexible 'webbing' material. But ace legibility, I agree. And tough as old boots.
  7. Morning, Definitely newish, check out the lume! Miyota powered Corgeut. Few bangs, fewer bucks. HAGD
  8. Doesn't luck come into it a bit? My most expensive watch ticks all my boxes and runs 4 secs per day fast, my cheapest auto - Chinese made with Miyota movt. - ticks most of them (in common with my 'best' watch has stainless 40mm case, no crown guard, sapphire crystal, screw-down crown, solid link bracelet, 20mm lugs) and gains 1 or 2 seconds per day (since I regulated it). Under £80.00 I think. Both 3-handers, one fully polished, the other fully brushed, so slightly less bang, but far fewer bucks too! Obviously if you can get a watch that pays you to own it, that means negative buc
  9. So gave my son a couple of options as to which watch he would like as a 'farewell to studies' gift - since his last days at Uni just seem to be blurring into a couple of internships before he looks for a proper job - all his examinations are done already - all a bit Covid weird and no graduation ceremony planned or end of course celebrations - AND the upshot is he did not choose the Citizen GMT Titanium diver, Hooray!!! - but he did choose the Zelos Horizon's Field watch, Boooooo! - the Lunar Frost dial piquing his interest, as he likes a bit of astronomy - I tried to distract him with a bit
  10. Morning, whoever ordered more snow ... YOU'RE FIRED! New heat-sealed 22mm G10 just arrived, took a couple of weeks, brushed hardware looks well with the Titanium case. IMHO HAGD
  11. These can be had very reasonably, and I have been tempted - I think it is quite cute way the the seconds track graduations are continued across the date gap beside the window.
  12. Wow, even the hands. I'm waiting for the Corgeut version, it will probably be a mil or so bigger and look a bit better because they will space the sub-dials slightly wider apart. Fingers crossed it will be quartz too. now then ....
  13. "When ance life's day draws near the glowmin ..."* From R. Burns 'Epistle to Tritium 25' (1786)
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