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  1. Thanks. Squeezed it on a leather RAF style NATO.
  2. Morning. Someone asked me if I was interested in modern watches, I said 'yes if they are interesting'. QED Mecha-quartz bull-head with snap-back centre chrono seconds, 5hz, nice and smooth. Black lume. Kwl. One way bezel. DO NOT TOUCH lol I want the triangle at 12 and only 12. I have ' 'rough riders' for the wrist if we are going to get all unsymmetrical out there. This is not a tool watch! HAGD
  3. p.s. I believe the bezel on these 'should' be black, the chap from WUS was literally showcasing his in a spare one. p.p. I know it's a telemeter scale
  4. You may recall I received a 3133 chrono recently with quite a poor replacement dial, and I was planning to re-lume it properly (I think I have figured out how) but then it seemed absurd to gild the proverbial. And so it seemed better to get into a little restoration proper. Like, an entire new dial. I took some tips from the experts about swapping parts around between Poljot 3133 chronos here: A good page on restoring a Poljot https://forums.watchuseek.com/f10/poljot-3133-oldtimer-project-637961.html Unfortunately this poor chap made a hash of cleaning up his cyrillic Poljot So I thought I should throw my hat in the ring and finish a proper job (he gave up and turned it into a Sturmanskie instead). I found a great dial complete with tachymeter scale! And I'm on with it, see below! So far so good - hope I pressed the second hand far enough - I am trying to graduate from the school of bit more, bit more, oops too much, to the high school of bit more, bit more, aha! That's enough for this evening. The movement holder came from China - ordered it yonks ago lol. When I'm done I'll put the old dial in the sales corner in case anyone has an old OKEAH with a grotty dial they want to replace. I think I am going to give it new hour / minute hands too - because silver on silver? I know the Russians did that, but that is why I got rid of my Gucci - not visible enough for me.
  5. Yes, I may enquire of vintagewatchstraps - it will probably sit mostly in a box but I do like to wear them. I am thinking of a bund with a cut-out for the crown, so as not to stress the stem whilst setting. There is a Cris Ward fan at work, he was amazed to see a 29mm auto. Interestingly the verbiage on the rear is the same as this later Fortis Fortissimo (although some have just the case type number stamped 4106) : https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-746561487-reloj-de-hombre-en-acero-marca-fortissimo-ano-1940-_JM?quantity=1&variation=34805296960
  6. A good page on restoring a Poljot https://forums.watchuseek.com/f10/poljot-3133-oldtimer-project-637961.html
  7. I feel I need a delightful strap for it - I like the ancient leather that it is on, but impractical and insecure for most purposes. It reminded me of my first watch as it has a new hole punched well above the manufactured ones, to fit a very small wrist!
  8. p.p.s. those are not my dirty fingers holding the movement
  9. p.s. it isn't waterproof. No heavy breathing please.
  10. I think this is around 1938. The only other I saw was a black dial version otherwise identical. It's a clamshell 'waterproof' design that is only screwed in the four corners of the caseback, superseded really by the Fortis fully screwed cases as per their own more famous Fortissimo in the early forties. Fortis did produce their own clamshell watches (Wandfluh) from 1937, though.
  11. 29mm hand-wound derivative of the Harwood auto. with breguet hairspring instead of flat, Cal. Fortis 250 (AS 1172) On test on my right wrist, currently outperforming the Seiko on my left.
  12. Strapped this on last night as you can see, but it is now definitely Thursday! This is supposed to wind both ways, but maybe my magic lever has broken, because it needs to go widdershins on the winder. But who doesn't like a bit of assonance in the morning? HAGD!
  13. Old faithful again (this is the watch I was cursing last week). HAGD
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