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  1. Great watch, I too am thinking that I am not so much on the slippery slope as flying off the deep end at full speed! I started off trying to flip watches I had acquired two of. 6 months later ... Anyway, back to work, here is a scarcity (in my collection anyway), not rare when they were made by the million, but a civilian Sturmanskie that has survived in reasonably original vintage condition AFAICT. Semi quick-set date works fine, it does squeak when I wind it, so maybe a service is due! Obviously if I get any fatter I will need to Frankenise the bracele
  2. Boring I know. Lume shot (library photo) The quest for the only watch I will ever need is over, AGAIN! HAGD
  3. Very nice, I have been tempted too, I really like the crown guard and crown,
  4. I would agree, I also think the big date-just has not taken kindly to being inflated, it is not an easy art to master, increasing the scale of something uniformly versus maintaining the appearance of precision. Should the second hand get wider, as well as longer? The graduations, the indices? And of course if you tried to scale up an ant uniformly, as you know, it's legs would buckle. The increase in stress gallops ahead of the increase in strength as you blow things up. The only reissue I have is a Strela, and it is nice, but it cannot compete, in terms of elegance, with the smaller,
  5. I am with you on re-issues, it's a difficult line to tread, if they change it, it is no longer iconic, if they clone it that's just lazy and you may as well get a homage. I like the Elliott Brown Holton Professional range, they have a story and are not blingy, and I would definitely have kept mine if the strap bars had been half a millimetre further from the case - they trap even a thin NATO so you can't swap straps without unscrewing the bars. Otherwise that could have been The One ... As I mentioned at the top though, the thread is not about ditching a collection of interesting wa
  6. This is coming out with me now, the chrono hands were very corroded when I sent it off, the minutes counter didn't make it out of theatre apparently, but it's come back patched up pretty well and precise as you like. HAGD
  7. Morning, all you lie-a-beds, starting with this. A different bracelet today, All brushed Geckota super-engineer - I think the square end links complement the no crown-guard look quite well. Have a great day. J
  8. I guess if you don't like watch strap origami, the original bracelet is hard to beat. I tried it out in a field (under a tree, as you can see!), and just let the clasp out slightly, so it fit perfectly over the snow cuff of my winter shell, and in this case I let the outer sleeve ride over it. This would even work with the black inner cuff pulled right down and my thumb through the slits. Mr. Versatile. - One erratum, the non-date version of this movement, as fitted in this watch, is the Cal. 9039 - the date version models in the range have the 9015. Obvs!
  9. And then everybody would be telling us it can be worn as a dress watch too
  10. The extra long strap arrived from CWC, and it's long. Extra long, I would say. Pretty sure that will go over my chain-mail, never mind my wetsuit!
  11. Anyway, here's a picture I took a month ago on 27th November. Enjoy your afternoon.
  12. Hell, is it still only November? Get a move on 2020! Anyway, if you are going to start WRUW threads early, you should do it properly, none of this 2 minutes to midnight nonsense!
  13. Traditionally screw link bracelets have been considered a premium product, but I did see in one review of the watch I just bought - which has screw links - that the author would have preferred pins, and I wondered why. However, while I was sizing the bracelet, I noticed a couple of the screwed pins turned very easily. Now I have other screw link bracelets, but I am generally a strapping chap, and do not leave them on, so I would not typically notice this phenomenon, although I do know on my Armand Nicolet bracelet they are jolly tight. Anyway, I sized the bracelet and checked the pins a
  14. Morning, this just back from service.. 3133, stainless case .HAGD
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