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  1. So in a moment of Machness, I am wearing this auto on my right wrist ... And my new quartz arrival on my left: I know quartz watches are seldom destined to hit the markers, but this is doing a pretty good job all around the dial. Hope these are lightning proof!
  2. It's not famous, it's not the first of anything, I don't admire it's 'quality' or aspire to the brand, it wasn't given to me or inherited, but I always like strapping this on. What's the favourite watch in your collection for no reason other than it floats your boat in some mysterious way?
  3. Well, that was a party trick back in the day. What?
  4. While determined NOT to buy another Holton Professional, and definitely NOT another black one, this quartz popped up 30% off while I was inexplicably searching for black Holton Professionals. As it is the only watch I regretted selling, I succumbed. If I was slightly weird, I could wear the auto on one wrist, and the quartz on the other ...
  5. Still this, but will it survive the postman? Look what's coming ... Only one way to find out. FIGHT!
  6. Still wearing this, but it's gone dark, so time for a lumey shot. Had this for a week or so, love that it hits the markers, I did of course check the photos before I bought. However I do miss not having a date window while I am in the office, even though I can never read it - regardless, I still like to squint at the date on my watch before asking one of the chaps I work with 'What date is it?"
  7. Morning, Newmark 52, 100m WR should be enough. Fingers crossed. HAGD
  8. nice hamilton chrono in there too .. https://www.beaverbrooks.co.uk/0120737/Hamilton-Khaki-Aviation-Pilot-Pioneer-Chronograph-Mens-Watch/p
  9. I may have partnered this watch and strap permanently ... Just a single pass leather, so the watch doesn't sit too high. A feel like I could wear this every day ... which is always a bit annoying. "Collection killer" alert! LOOKS GREAT oops sorry caps lock, I meant LOOKS GRRRRRREEEAAATT!
  10. Morning, still this, HAGD
  11. Shinola Rambler, a jolly nice watch, and, best of all, running seconds on the sub-dial at three, not that ruddy useless 24h dial. Back on a single pass leather strap from Vintagewatchstraps. Sapphire crystal, grippy screw crown, 100m WR, excellent lume. Bonus train picture: JJ
  12. I like mine a lot, I did replace the hands to make it more similar to the Canfield. Oh, and WRT the Explorer II 100m WR debate, this is 200m with a push-pull crown. It's not on this strap any more, and it came on blue rubber, but I now have it on a brushed finish 'engineer' bracelet, to match the brushed case. Rumours are rife of a "man's" EB field watch coming soon, but meanwhile I had to buy this: Still on a NATO but I thought leather picked up the vintage vibe better. HAGD
  13. Newmark 52 on extra-long NATO - because a NATO can never be too long! 4 Hz mecha-quartz hitting the markers pretty well. HAGD J
  14. Not special enough to get in a mini collection; not valuable enough to get a spot in secure storage; not automatic, so doesn't live on a winder ... ironically this 'lost soul' keeps a lot of 'better' watches off my wrist. No 'fauxtina' required. Lorsa Cal. P75 Have a great day. JJ
  15. Berli-Lyon 1970 ish Lorsa Cal. P75 diver One of my favourite lumes - not strong, just like the design.
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