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  1. That sounded very practised, methinks sir doth protest over much. Luminouscious, 1000Mmmmm.......
  2. Definitely more money than sense, no WR to speak of, nor lume. Get a grip!
  3. Yeah but given how complicated it is, you'd have to be really rich to have more money than the sense required to understand it.
  4. Great picture, some depth to that watch.
  5. I think they do boutique pieces too for their distributors.
  6. Drilled lugs, I want one. It would tickle my funny bone to spend thousands on a watch that ticks, just to perplex my brother-in-law with his high speed Zeniths and the like.
  7. I have one a bit like that but I think I will stick with mine without a date, thanks anyway. And a proper crown. There was one of these very reasonable on Chrono24 lately, but, you know, mechanical that looks like a quartz, it's a tough sell. Habring squared dead-beat seconds
  8. Please don't say Rolex - since they are generally commercially a sound proposition, you don't need to be feckless to buy one. Anyway, this is a Breitling Platinum Ice Chronomat. I don't like Breitling watches generally, but I have a very nice blue single-pass webbing strap that would be just right for this. I would have to change the centre seconds hand though, so that would be an extra few notes for a new one from eBay. That blue hand makes it look like a Farer or something. Of course it may not be as blue as it looks in the picture - blued steel is OK. Oh, and Breitling would have to sack this guy: Who is that? All fur coat and no socks, surely they should get affluent people to advertise their wares. Looks like he borrowed his younger brother's kecks too. What would your 'feckless' buy be?
  9. Week 4 marching on. This has been on a vintage camel leather NATO forever, but thought I would try it on this incoming Geckota strap. I have a feeling it is very similar to the OEM strap which is sitting in the box ... Still, can't have too many watch straps!
  10. The only watch I have ever commented on turned out to be an Eaglemoss freebie that came with a magazine.
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