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  1. So I bought a couple of watches yesterday, after making some decent offers, but still got plenty of change from the watches I sold. JUST STOP lol
  2. The spring cleaning got derailed yesterday by two pints of Hop House 13 which was sufficient to realign my priorities for the day. So, back to it, and back on with Mr. Utility. HAGD
  3. Morning, I am going back to sleep, meanwhile I have remembered to put the hour on this 1964 'Poljot', 2414 Class 1, with a miniature Vostok 1 arcing above the logo in celebration of the first cosmonaut. Enjoy your Sunday. Keep safe.
  4. they are still available on the bay, but prices are going up up up lol It is one of the best feelings though, when you eventually find the strap that makes the watch.
  5. there's no sound, so you can play this behind it ,,,
  6. Thanks Roy - I agree - I was getting shut of a few (though my SC ads have expired) but they can wait. It also means having to visit the PO to post them - an extra contact we can do without.
  7. c'mon, that depends on the speedy ... https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1179374/Antiques-Roadshow-1968-Omega-speech-watch-valuation-BBC-video and you can liquidate a speedy much quicker too! After all, who wants a 'flea-in-your-ear'? Wait till you start needing glasses, you'll trade it in ... p.s. 'uncommon' means unpopular - if they could'a sold 'em, they would'a made more. Brown Aston Martins are uncommon. Listen to your Uncle Jet.
  8. I just accidentally bought a Corgeut with a Miyota movement - I had to pay a bit extra to ship it here before my recourse to a refund 'times out' - in case they send me the seagull version - but anyway, I say accidentally as I put in a bid before crimbo at 75 bucks - rejected - lowest he would take was 85 USD, so I was looking again today, and the bracelet looks quite amazing for a solid link screw type bracelet, and since I plan to put it on a different strap, methinks the bracelet alone is worth those extra $$$$ - we shall see obvs - and it may well suit my £20.00 seiko, and make it worth £40.00 when it goes on the bay. Anyway, I offered 80 (did I say that) along with a note about how crap the pound is against the dollar right now, and accepted, so I am getting a nice solid link stainless bracelet AND a watch. I bet there are loads of dials that will fit too, if I don't gel with the 'patinated' effect. But I only want to wear it with my jeans - I was saving up 3k for the 'real thing', but priorities change, Just like that. Stay safe.
  9. Flaming clouds ... Anyway, feel I need something more rugged to go tackle the kitchen.
  10. It's the Sekonda Sunrise! HAGD!
  11. several watches I was looking at have dropped - a nice Bulova Curv, the Bulova lunar pilot, and a Junkers mecaquartz chrono, but I just bought a 'real' chrono (Pierce monopusher) and Bulova are nice watches, but I need a bit more story to them - I already have lots of nice watches. Oh, and a half price Oris .... oh and a '64 Smiths from Wales But I am going to carry on clearing my overdraft instead (nearly there!) ...
  12. you need a Zenith Rainbow some G-shocks count as watches
  13. No, don't think so, second from the left, top row, white hands on white dial, not very legible, trade up to a speedy.
  14. A quick change into my Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman watch!
  15. Aha! - this Sekonda played- and may still play - O Tannenbaum, as the wake-up alarm. I say it may still play, because I am pretty sure the high pitched electronic peeping is above my high frequency threshold now! Anyway - Sekonda / Red Flag, and the adverts starring Derek Hatton!
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