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  1. I am trying to figure out how a movement with a jewel on the centre wheel can yet be '15j'? Is it because, on a sweep seconds movement, the centre wheel is not the second wheel any more? So the 'hour' wheel (the second wheel) is moved off centre to allow the 'second' wheel (the fourth wheel) to .... pass the Gin, someone. p.s. I have a couple of Sportivnies, one hacks, one doesn't. I will find out if it ever did when I send it for a service: I haven't looked closely inside to see if anything is either broken or missing.
  2. I always track these and missed a great deal at Samuels on the bracelet version in a moment of indecision! Great watches. Is the centre seconds counter a smooth sweep, or is it 'jump seconds'?
  3. Morning, well by coinkydink, it's a turn for ... Sekonda Cosmonaut HAGD!
  4. That could work but with an app you would be able to make it more interactive, and input your mood for the day, and match it for a watch with the best weightings for accuracy, style, age, legibility, WR etc. BTW, this gin is really good. Did I mention I seldom drik, fortunately?
  5. I am guessing so, and that it is the luminous indication that the watch is working, as required by the "diver's" standard? p.s. Instant design classic, IMHO
  6. Make a big ABS watch movement that had all the bits - though it wouldn't need to actually work - scaled up so that the smallest screws were about the size of a terminal 'driver. Then you could practice taking a watch to bits and putting it back together after the odd G & T. I tried a bit of fettling just now after 'just a small one' and couldn't even get the dial feet back in. I will investigate what went 'CLICK!' in the morning (at least I think it was CLICK! and not SNAP!) Anyway, just saying, that I often get the urge to tinker after a tipple (fortunately I seldom drink) and it would be safer if I had a kind of Duplo movement to play with. And I thought that would be a great invention anyway. Like learning to ride a little pony before you get on a big horse. Except the other way around. What brainwaves have you had to make watchkeeping more fun? OK, here's another. A breathalyser that fits to your computer, that you have to blow in to make it switch on, I think someone invented something similar for cars, but anyway, if you are over the drink-click limit, it opens a dummy e-bay site, instead of the real site (like a 'sand-box') so that you can 'buy' loads of watches and then when you wake up in the morning, it was just a lovely dream. Fortunately, I seldom drink.
  7. Morning, depending how you like your watches, the fact that this one has clearly lived a little may cheer you up, or not! I felt better whilst I was looking at it, but that's because I was having a brew next to my SAD light (I don't actually have SAD, but Maplin were closing down, the lamp was cheap, and prevention is better than cure!) HAGD
  8. Morning, not long story nice serviced, Poljot chrono. Latin on the dial and Cyrillic on the movement, plus the serial number, leads me to think '64 / '65. HAGD
  9. I would have gone for that - if I had one (I nearly did)
  10. I looked at the Gulf racing colour chrono in this series several times. Really attractive watches.
  11. Soft Dremel wheel with Cape cod solution for the deep stuff.
  12. Morning, Bought this for spares but it's quite nice of itself. Still works, just doesn't hack any more and has a replacement crown. So I squeezed a spare 18mm strap on it, and giving it a run out. HAGD
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