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  1. Yes, I have recently been moved to consider starting a charity for all those damaged by a privileged up-bringing. On a serious note, they don't experience those things on top of ,and contemporaneous with, all the other stresses a real person has to deal with on a daily basis. And whatever they want to do to escape, they don't have to worry about losing their job, or more, whilst doing it. So yeah, save the violins.
  2. You mean they get to wear the Tags and chirp up when she asks the time? That's a great gig.
  3. Well yeah, I'm guessing it's a Steampunk costume piece.
  4. But that's the genius, the little dial on the left is the energy meter for the quantum entropy drive that makes the 'turrets' visible in this timeline, even though they exist only in a parallel universe, so you can't actually break them. And as long as you keep moving the watch to regenerate the energy, the plasma entanglement within the 'turrets' will give you a second timezone anywhere in the unknown fabric of spacetime, a bit like an automatic.
  5. Yes, 100m is entirely accessible without special cases and crowns - and Citizen do lots of fuss-free 200m watches. The Elliot Brown Holton Professional is rated at 200m even if you forget to screw the crown in.
  6. Pretty sure The Queen has a few Tags lying around that she wears when no-one's looking ... Tag 6000 with Mk 1 bracelet. HAGD
  7. On my right wrist, since my newbie is on the left, My French diver seems to have made a late snaffle for my Elliot Brown watch strap, thanks to a subtle Marine Nationale reference stripe, which is a pretty good match for the lume.
  8. Still debating on the strap though, not easy, quite taken with this ... but starting to prefer this rubber as a grab and go choice ... I'm going to have to do a heat test!
  9. Thanks, Newmark are famous for their sustainable packaging - long thin cardboard box and the watch wrapped in brown greaseproof paper - quite exciting to unwrap it! p.s. it is definitely going to live on the black strap - and possibly on my right wrist.
  10. Put it on a single-pass from Elliot Brown, no second loop to go under the watch so it sits a fraction lower, and, more importantly, lifetime anti-bacterial treatment! Now just waiting for it to go dark for the lume shot!
  11. With a 'sweep' 4hz second hand this mech-quartz looks great on the wrist, and with the hat-tip to the Lemania Tg195, it combines the modern twist of the Seiko quartz movement with a stylish retro vibe. After I bought it I started to wonder if I should have gone for the gilt dial (which gets a lot of love in the reviews), but when I unwrapped this I knew I had gone right. The last time I felt so strongly something was more impressive in the flesh than the pictures could convey was when I was in Pisa. I won't tell you what it was. Obviously, because it came on a NATO, I had to put it on ... you guessed it, a NATO, this one heat sealed from CWC, although the Newmark OEM strap is also heat sealed, but brushed ironwork - this CWC has polished fittings that pick up the shine of the polished signed crown nicely. Crown guard integrated into the asymmetric case, great Superluminova lume, railway seconds track, sapphire crystal and 100m WR. No date. Grab and Go! Go! Go! JJ
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