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  1. Sometimes a watch on a shiny bracelet needs to be de-blinged ... Especially if one is dressed down in one's blazer.
  2. Back on this - and a minute to reflect on HRH D of E ...
  3. Pre-Bond Vostok, for a trip to the potting shed. Time to toughen these chaps up (and wash the window ledge!).
  4. I appreciate that I just got lucky with the timekeeping on this Miyota auto, and that it is always fully wound, but it is still a cheap and cheerful marvel that has not needed setting for 3 weeks. Have a great day. J
  5. I just don't think it has aged very well, the small applied markers may have been well regarded at the time, but it's an aesthetic rather than a classic, I think.
  6. And we're there! Here is the 6 o'clock news ... I changed my watch! (Again)
  7. I didn't say that, by the way,no idea who contributed the info on the elemental combination, a glitch in the matrix!
  8. Because the date is right, this deserves an airing. Nearly there!
  9. Same here - no events to wear this at,which is why it is in sales corner. Your speedy looks great though.
  10. It would be interesting to know the age of the gas, ie how long it spends between manufacture and getting into the tubes, and the tubes being made and the watches going on sale.
  11. Only marginally, just finished polishing my post and it's already gone midnight. It might look like I just chuck my posts up ....! But yes, if I start a WRUW thread I post a picture quickly then edit. If you spend ages typing and choosing pictures and looking up info about your watch, by the time you get around to posting it, unbeknownst to you, someone else has come along and started the WRUW thread and we end up with two. By spending as little time as possible starting the thread, the window of opportunity for two people to be doing it at the same time is reduced. Have another pictu
  12. I have spent many hours looking for the ideal vintage field watch, 33-35 mm case, just enough patina, pencil hands, a bit luminaceous. Well, when one of my own watches for sale came up in my search, I thought perhaps I should look closer to home, and lurking in technology corner I found this! Rolco oyster in 'Snowite' case. Beguelin Cal. 51 complete with dust cover. Having therefore saved several hundred pounds, that means I can now afford an even more expensive watch, doesn't it? Have a good one. J
  13. The threads are not so clever after 100 years.
  14. Be aware that tritium has a half life of 12 yrs, which is why I won't buy an old Ball watch - after 12 years half of the tritium will have stopped doing its stuff, and after 24 years 3/4 will have decayed. I make it that about a third of the tritium will be defunct after only 6 years. So there is a big fall off in performance at first gradually levelling off - exponential maybe. That is why I waited until I was nearly 60 before I bought a tritium gas tube watch.
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