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  1. Good morning, today my plumbing enters the 21st Century, new boiler installation. Full moon last night I see ... Hope it's not a cold one ... HAGD
  2. Channeling the Full Beaver Moon. Night
  3. *rummages in strap box* I have an old Fossil rubber strap somewhere .. Aha! Not significantly different though ... Just kind of black. I dunno, feels like something is missing. Wait .... *rummages in strap box again* Ta dah! Tactical strap buckle for the win! Well they are now! J
  4. Zelos Horizons daily. On Geckota super-engineer bracelet. Nice and slinky!
  5. It came on an expanding divers rubber strap, I prefer NATO's for my 'outdoors' watches, having lost a spring-bar once whilst hefting my ruck-sack, but you may be on to something - I have a 22mm black rubber quick-release strap left over from one of my amateur watch-breaking experiments. I will try it and take a pic.
  6. Thanks, Yobokies sells steel and PVD versions of the shroud, but I think I will stick with the resilient layer.
  7. But a charcoal grey Thursday door-buster. Seiko Prospex Solar, PVD Bought to fill the hole left by my Holton Professional, and although this would probably not survive a round from your fifty Cal., it does have a shroud to protect the case against abrasion, nice 120 click bezel action, legible date, lumed seconds-hand balance, 22mm drilled lugs, thick shoulder-less bars ... Nice lume, easy strap changes ... Diver's rated 200m WR short strap path, screw-down crown ... doesn't weigh 3 Cwt. On the downside, the bezel is not lumed, and it
  8. In today's Kinder Egg I found this, '64 / '65 Poljot 'Strela'. Made in Moscow on the erstwhile Swiss Venus 175 production line. Needs a new crystal but not sure if it will just lift out the front - internet says no! Yesterday's Vostok bracelet had links with pins the size of stove pipes, this is the flimsy version of a flimsier Poljot folded (and bent) metal design. Nice that someone polished it. A certain vintage charm though. HAGD
  9. This is vintage but has evidently been re-built - the Russian speedmaster .... column wheel chronograph. The movement is around 1960 I think, with a later main bridge, but the dial is around 1970 - looks NOS. They keep good time when serviced. You could get one while you are deciding what to buy ... (The movement was made in Russia on the old Venus 175 production line that they bought.)
  10. The Vostok bracelet on the Sturmanskie is very snug and yet comfortable, so I have eschewed the 'little finger gap', but although I am happy with the appearance, the way the brushed and polished finishes really complement the case ... l changed into something more comfortable for my run. HAGE
  11. Poljot 31659 'Sturmanski' (navigator) - hacking variant of 3133, plus no telemeter scale, so wider minutes track. HAGD
  12. Great watch, I too am thinking that I am not so much on the slippery slope as flying off the deep end at full speed! I started off trying to flip watches I had acquired two of. 6 months later ... Anyway, back to work, here is a scarcity (in my collection anyway), not rare when they were made by the million, but a civilian Sturmanskie that has survived in reasonably original vintage condition AFAICT. Semi quick-set date works fine, it does squeak when I wind it, so maybe a service is due! Obviously if I get any fatter I will need to Frankenise the bracele
  13. Boring I know. Lume shot (library photo) The quest for the only watch I will ever need is over, AGAIN! HAGD
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