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  1. Only winds one way. Because of the dead zone with bi-directtional autos as they change direction, there is not a lot in it. I used to wind mine occasionally, automatics have protection against overwinding. I am guessing 42 hrs power reserve. I shake my wrist now and again only to find out today's watch is a quartz. First time I put mine on I just wound it till I got bored.
  2. Well that's weird, I had to uncheck the box so I could see it. Sorely shome mishtake.
  3. I know what you mean, but they kind of do the same job for me, when I need a low light watch. I do like the Shinola as it wears very comfortable for a bigger watch, I'll just see if it sells, it's not a fire sale. Although I do have a thing that if I wonder about selling a watch I put it for sale, as most of them I wouldn't dream of selling!
  4. Well the unthinkable has happened, the Shinola is on the bay, And the Citizen has new boots ready to go munging around on the hill. Left wrist ... right wrist ... Maybe the Nixon needs to go too ...
  5. Morning. Not remotely my favourite strap, but more purposeful, and now I have the old leather one-piece kicking around spare, I will need to buy another watch to make use of it. HAGD
  6. Well, one from six this morning, and, since the Citizen bullhead has so manfully kept time, how could I not? after all, it's a red letter day! HAGD
  7. I know what you mean, a millimetre or so nearer the edge and 1.5mm lower, then the registers would not eat into the numerals either, but I am ok with that compromise given how much I like the rest of it, the legibility and the comfy heft. However, registers too close together is the reason I crossed some of the larger Cal 36 Tags off my wish list. Less likely to compromise at that price point! 38mm Monza does the Cal 36 much better I think.
  8. Yeah, I really only bought the GPS wave because I let my atomic watch go, fancied a GPS when they were first out, and this was a steal on the bay. OK so the day/date was four days out but after a day spent reading the manual I figured it out. If time is money I really paid over the odds! I think my curiosity is satisfied now. No way! After my Nixon, and my ETA/DD big date (which I can actually read), this is my favourite date. It's a podium finish all day long ..
  9. Morning, Love the dial on this, seldom shows off well in photos but lots of subtlety to the depth of colour and sheen. HAGD
  10. I am thinking the same, I was picking a watch out for low light, and I usually end up between these 2, and the Shinola always wins. And I'm not often concerned what date it is at night either! But GPS time ... Maybe I put it on the bay, priced top side, and see if it goes.
  11. File B1N for me. Well, Emperor and clothes come to mind. If only Heath Robinson had turned his art to clockery.
  12. ... do you bin one? If I didn't have the Shinola I would think the Citizen was great. As it is, I like it, but side by side it strikes me as the poor relation. The lugs are wider but the case is smaller ... The hands could do with an extra millimetre ... Maybe I should just keep them socially distanced so I don't compare them! Saving for a black dial diver right now, I think something may have to go. Would you flip one on the basis they pretty much do the same job? I never use the chronograph, nor do I care what time it is in Adelaide or Aukland, so the complic
  13. Morning, off work for a few days, so as I won't need to know what time it is, I am wearing this! I am partial to a bit of vintage camel! HAGD
  14. Not sure if you are drowning or waving ...
  15. A bit half-hearted given that the writing is not mirrored.
  16. Not very happy about the dimming light of an evening, farewell to summer I guess! Citizen flyback chronograph for my walk, not warm enough for a sherbet in the park though! HAGE
  17. New strap arrived yesterday for my 1940 Movado Chronometer - strapped it straight on. Belonged to a Flt Sgt. air gunner in the RNZAF, who survived a terrible crash landing in 1941, and the rest of the war, eventually demobbed as a WO, back to civvy street and family life, so hurrah for that! His bro survived ditching in the North Sea, too! HAGD
  18. Sold a watch to a chap from Germany for £500.00 notes, and it went fine - I got the money in my bank first. I guess he bought the seller lol. DHL stiffed me, but there you go (and there went my profit ha ha ha, but the customer was happy - like Wow! I got the watch the next day!) Yeah, so I got good feedback, and good experience ... p.s. save one of those crowns p.p.s. the pumpkin ones
  19. I was in your corner until recently - there are a couple I might splash out on, at around 2k, one of them is a Speedmaster 125 - lots of them come up because they are unloved, but I fancy one for my Russian space-watch box. I am thinking if I sell a couple to raise 1k, then I would get it half price!
  20. Don't be so stuffy, nobody uses a chronograph anyway!
  21. First day on site for a while, and the last! Prolly not back till Xmas. Makes a change from the kitchen table. GPS time. HAGD
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