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  1. certainly at the likely distance I imagine from the lamp - if the charge runs down it will probably give you a warning anyway with a two-second tick before it gives up the ghost - any of mine kept in drawers I stick on the window sill every three months for a day
  2. Something of a ritual to take pics of this at various times of year, but this is my favourite - I know March can get cold again, but a day of sunshine in Feb, as we are on the downslope to spring, and the sun beaming almost the length of the room, is my favourite. And the boiler won't wake up all day! 25 in the shade here - I gave the thermostat a rub with Cape cod just for the pic, still managed to leave a bit of lint on! HAGD
  3. I do work through mine every couple of months to stop them seizing up!
  4. Spending this lunchtime on an expedition into the unforgiving wilderness, so changed into my Elliot Brown, the sapphire crystal literally shrugging off anything you can throw at it. In this instance flaky pastry. HAGD
  5. Late today with this newbie, I read on here a few days ago that a bracelet can compete with the watch head , or detract from it, hadn't really thought of that before but I think this strap becomes part of the background rather than part of the picture which is a new tack for me, and I like it. HAGD
  6. It cannot have escaped your notice that I am prone to neglecting my feminine side, but not tonight! Just arrived, the finely brushed, 38mm, snuggly 'Kimmeridge' RNLI edition. It has a sapphire crystal that looks slightly domed, no threaded crown, which is triple sealed and tested under water at 20 atm in the factory. Apparently it works even when pulled out. Arrived on satinesque EPDM, with solid threaded strap bars, that are great for a pull through strap Or two. Currently on leather ... I adapted the EB buckle ... Whic
  7. So arrived today, 20mm rubber strap is good, BUT the holes are punched perpendicular to the thickness, so the tang does not lie flat against the buckle - this detail was resolved on the 22mm straps which have holes moulded at an angle. Maybe the EPDM will give a bit to help it lie flatter. There is an extra thou between the case and the bars over the larger case sizes, so I can get my trusty canvas through, with brushed keepers to match the fully brushed case. But this is my favourite just now. Hope you like it - it fills a gap left by my blue railmaster
  8. This just dropped through the letterbox. Full length solid link bracelet with security clasp. Nice. Into the toothbrush charger for you, m'lad!
  9. Spending too long looking at my time machine. Get back to work, Jetski! Have a good one.
  10. Shinola Rambler for the afternoon stroll around the park, now sporting a 2mm RAF style NATO with metal keepers, the greatest utility watch strap of the modern era, from Vintagewatchstraps. This is my most worn strap I think, sewn in buckle for that nice secure feeling, been on and off all sorts of watches, still looking good, even though I have only ironed it once. HAGD
  11. p.s. My dad had half a dozen wristwatches, and gave me and my bro his gold watches a while before his final shuffle, on the basis that he wouldn't be wearing his DJ any more, but that's a bit different to hoping someone else will appreciate an old 33mm Zim Chapaev!
  12. I had the Holton professional, I very much liked it, but you know I am a multi-strapper, and the thick strap bars were very close to the case, restricting the thickness of straps that could be used, compared to other 'rigid bar' type watches I have owned, and the long lug-to-lug did not quite suit my wrist, the edge of the watch at 12 sat just on a bony part. If only I was not such a greyhound build! Given the security afforded to the straps by the 'barb' on the tail, the rubber strap may have been a perfectly good option to leave on, but I like an extra long G10 when I am wearing it over a
  13. Another long weekend for me, but I am going to answer some work e-mails anyway, so I have an excuse to wear my 'work' watch. These are great. HAGD
  14. Thanks, the RNLI is our 'family charity' - my dad was born in Newhaven and his mum's side were lifeboatmen. Through his retirement my dad was a grafter for the local branch - extracting donations from businesses for the tombolas, putting the tent up at fetes, and tables up at afternoon teas (cakes supplied by the local factory!). I think charitable work is great, and the way that, for so many charities including the RNLI, the only requirement for getting help, is needing help. So the EB is a good fit for me. Gratuitous picture of my dad.
  15. Going to put this on and turn the lights down for a film! Enjoy the last of your weekend. J
  16. nearly dark, you could collect a covert lamb bhuna
  17. Quick change into something more Sunday.
  18. Time for a run and I really don't want this to fall off, so, erm, why not put another strap on, quicker than mucking about with those strap bars at this time of the AM! Down the rabbit hole, back round the tree, and we're done! This is my only quartz chronograph with a minute recorder that 'jumps', and hence will soon be my only quartz chrono, so need to look after it on the mean streets! Have a great day.
  19. Morning, Sekonda 3017 around 1970. HAGD p.s. I took this earlier (you may notice I have had a round of 'strap-o-rama' since, and moved this Sekonda off the shark mesh). I have some proper hands on the way for the Poljot top middle. J
  20. I have decided to get the 38mm RNLI special edition Kimmeridge - it has all the strengths of the other watches, dial no different from the RNLI Canford, just no dive bezel, hence the smaller case. I almost bought it at Xmas. And £35.00 goes to the RNLI. And I saved an extra 40 notes by waiting. Going to sell my Prospex diver I think.
  21. It should be fine in the bath, it even has a gas escape valve, although I never heard anyone blame their watch before. Now my watch is loose enough to slide up and down far enough to wash underneath it, and of course 316 stainless steel is not notorious for going smelly, used for scalpel blades and the like, and of course most folk - me certainly - use liquid soaps or gels these days of one kind or another, so cleaning is not really a problem, but the irony is if I do bathe with a watch I *do* unclasp my watch afterwards to dry my wrist lol.
  22. But there's always that one thing - I have introduced my 100m Pulsars to the bath, one on nylon the other on my favourite Geckota bracelet, and I had been delighted, on fitting the bracelet, that it was a perfect fit; but unfortunately, in a hot bath, my wrist expands more than the steel. I know one is supposed to maintain the much vaunted 'little finger' gap when sizing bracelets, perhaps that is why. I have always been more of a 'half-a-finger' gap, myself. Just going to stick my arm in the fridge for a bit.
  23. It was pulling 11 milliamps at a power factor of 81%. You need a power meter so you can see when you have aligned the coil correctly, or leave it for a bit and see if it has warmed up. p.s. thanks for not bidding! p.p.s. look out for a PAR107X1 and let me know. BUT DON'T BID p.p.p.s do you think it's waterproof still?
  24. It was OK on my 7" wrist once on, but there was a lot of leverage whilst strapping it on or taking it off right, at the fulcrum of my wrist-bone, and it's a seriously unforgiving lump, so along with the difficulty of swapping straps, I decided to let it go, although I almost bought another, just restrained myself. If you are a one watch person content to strap it on and leave it on, it would be fine. They do some special edition Kimmeridge versions, that don't look girly. They're a bit smaller.
  25. Right now I can't find the exact model - they are quite old. One of my best buys was my Shinola chrono, because I didn't want a Speedy, but I fancied a quartz with a similar aesthetic. And if you get a watch cheap enough (especially with a red sticker on at T K Maxx!) you don't necessarily lose money - I sold my Gucci 7750 for 25% over what I paid, and my Elliot Brown 15% more (neither bought from TK Maxx, BTW)
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