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  1. I typically don't select gifted watches to take away with me. Though I still have the watch my ex wife bought me - that would certainly have me running back into a burning building. To chuck on the ruddy flames. Only joking! If the bracelet had a diver's extension, or the watch was easy to re-strap, I probably would not have bought half the watches I currently own for 'expeditioning'. But it has the Mk 1 bracelet that screws into the case. And the screws are never coming out (thanks LocTTLF 262 thread-locker!) As an aside, I found the OEM straps unsuitable for 'exp
  2. Not sure, but I did tilt my cap at the bluebells. Listen Baldric, that's about as stealthy as a flamingo that's been eating pink blancmange made with bio-luminescent plankton.
  3. Imagine you have gone away for the weekend to a nice hotel, you have taken a selection of your favourite watches, perhaps one for a country walk, one for dinner, another one for when you go to the reception to meet Prince Charles about the charity you are starting to support people damaged by a life of wealth and privilege. But alas! You are woken in the night by the sound of the fire alarm, the smell of smoke, and the kind person who helped you back to your room last night dragging you out of bed and out of the room - your one free, flailing, hand can only rescue one of your treasures - tha
  4. Well I never did reach the windmills, because the enchanted wood called me this-a-way, and the wind farm is that-a-way. Open moorland Vs Dingle Dell - easy decision in the wet rain!
  5. I am going exploring just to have an excuse to wear this on my right wrist! I am going to visit the windmills I can see on the moor from my bedroom window. Funny how I normally jump in my car and drive to the hills, when there's some interesting landscape on my doorstep. Have a good one. J Such a great range, whenever I am browsing for a birthyear watch I always pore closely over the 60s models. That's a great example from the 70s.
  6. The non-date version is nicer.
  7. Still keeping good time since March, not lost a minute yet.
  8. Umm yeah, I am guessing the melody will be somewhere between Absolute Beginners and That's Entertainment!
  9. Second skin. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. J
  10. I have stealth wealth - still physically fit, but I pant like the blazes after running up a hill, just for effect, to conceal my physical prowess! No-one cares about your money. Stealth wealth lol. Stealth wealth. Stealthy wealthy melthy. Just buy a decent watch for heaven's sake. Something that will still be running in a hundred year's time. May Ball. Modern Languages. Greats. Stealth Wealth. Buy a Rolex and stick 'Gigandet' over the logo. Stealth wealth. Or buy a Rolex and keep it in your pocket. Or just get new friends.
  11. Bezel lume seems brighter than on the 'stealthier' Holton Professional, and stayed legible for the duration. HAGD
  12. New arrival - it's an auto version of a watch I flipped, and jolly glad to see it. HAGD
  13. Took it but no time to post it! Hope you had a good one.
  14. Very excited because I will actually be using the chronograph function over the next few days. Hope you had a good weekend. J
  15. If they did a bead blasted no date, I would definitely have one. If I had not dithered in the H Samuels Sale 18 months ago, I would definitely have one ....
  16. Hebrews Ch. 13, V. 8 1946 Omega Cal. 30.10 Neuchatel, Geneva, Kew, Rochdale 1946 was a very good year for Omega! Case-back is chamfered and takes the 2mm leather strap, from Vintagewatchstraps, perfectly, over a pair of 1.3mm single shoulder spring bars. The brandy coloured leather and the two-tone watch both hail from Italy, though independently, of course. Wishing you a great day. JJ My favourites ...
  17. It's cocktail time in the garden, I put more gravel in front of the grow house to keep me out of the water. Luckily I built it on a step. Tonight's cocktail is a hot toddy with lemon and honey in a tin cup. Please note, if you reheat it on a primus, the handle will be warm. Very, very, warm.
  18. I always wondered where Rolex got the design cues for the DJ from! Every day is a school day.
  19. Zelos are great. I can pick out a couple of points here - first regulation - I believe Zelos regulate their watches before they go out, I have not had a more accurate 9 series Miyota; and as for service, I emailed them for the spec of the threaded bracelet pins, as I managed to lose one and wanted to replace it (as I told them, only for the sake of my OCD, since I had the spare links from when I sized the bracelet), and they sent me 4 complete links without my asking. I have paid $$$ for spare links for other watches, both from eBay and manufacturers, previously, so I know what they can
  20. I have flipped quite a few watches, and not missed them, although I do miss my Zelos Horizons field watch (but my son has that, and if I bought another I would get a different colour-way). But the one watch I do miss is my Holton professional, black PVD. I sold it nearly a year ago when expeditions were a dim and distant memory, and I thought I had done fairly well to sell it used for more than I paid for it new. However, I am quite happy now to have picked up the automatic version for what I sold my quartz version for. One of the reasons I was able to let my quartz watch go
  21. Great watch. Rain is nature's spirit level - I have been out levelling the gravel on the drive, anywhere there's water showing, it needs a bit more!
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