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  1. Yes, wear two Tags! Seriously, have a better one!
  2. But I wouldn't try to sell my beat-up Pro-trek for 100 times what I paid for it. And I don't think anyone would want to buy it because it had been 'broken in'! Real men destroy their own watches, they don't have to buy one already destroyed.
  3. TBH I wear a bigger one at night, definitely an eyesight think for me and bigger watches - but the massive ones are horrendous I do have a 36mm (Zeno), (in fact a couple of my Timex are 34 I think) but normally 38-39 for work, 40-42 at night and weekends
  4. got me off the hill at Ilkley lol and a proper GPS with an OS grid reference read-out is quite cheap these days, because of phones
  5. why don't they re-lume it? it would be worth at least twice as much
  6. but you traded up ... I figured I saved so much on my Bulova, it was like I saved enough for another watch, and I saved so much on my Armand Nicolet, that was like, enough to buy at least 9 more watches.
  7. this watch is what started me off again just before Xmas - I was celebrating a year of being single after a horror relationship, which, in better times, had seen me buy her a jolly nice diamond encrusted Bulova. So I thought I should celebrate by buying myself a bigger and better one. Turned out to be the thin end of a very big wedge!
  8. Beats me, Nigella. I normally wear it over the back of my knuckles or you can take the hands off and use them as real swords, when those pesky Lilliputians turn up!
  9. I call this one 'bomber command' - proper 22mm leather RAF strap in .... Sepia! Complete with chunky metal work. And a bit more Schneider trophy ... 22mm blue RAF strap with leather keepers, one fixed, one floating! Achtung! Cosmonaut! Я уронил микрофон (I drop the microphone) Mi I pick the microphone back up! Spitzbergen expedition! My Timex loves a hot bath. No sissy screw-down soft-sucker crown, neither! It looks a bit like your Rolex, too.
  10. Are you mad, you know how close together the time zones are at the North pole - your watch wouldn't ever be right. That's crazy talk right there. Some people should stick to dress watches, sports watches give them ideas and all!
  11. Wearing a sports watch makes you a better driver, lover, and fighter bomber pilot. Or skateboarder. And it doesn't matter if you fall off. Fistbump. Some dress watches are not moisture resistant in the least, never mind skateboard resistant! So you only need one, or two if you really need to channel your feminine side Whereas you need at least 30 sports watches, for diving, driving, flying, skateboarding etc and looking cool in between whilst moodily contemplating your next heroic victory.
  12. I thought he said submarine, like, they are hard to find, you need special helicopters, sonar buoys, and really big headphones Capri owners, complete the his sentence! Here's mine: "... and going sideways through 50ft of hedgerow. On my honeymoon. Robert Palmer still rocking it out on full blast."
  13. rare sometimes means it was unpopular at the time! The Bullitt Benrus is scarce, but there are probably hundreds in people's collections. So scarce - no-one selling (e.g. cheap white dial Casio diver, you know the one). Rare = none to sell!
  14. If I remember, I am doing 'Speedish' Tuesday tomorrow!
  15. Can you tell what it is yet? It's my retro rodent! 1998 70th anniversary by Disney. I get some one-liners out of this at work! Have a good day TWF.
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