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  1. Morning, all you lie-a-beds, starting with this. A different bracelet today, All brushed Geckota super-engineer - I think the square end links complement the no crown-guard look quite well. Have a great day. J
  2. I guess if you don't like watch strap origami, the original bracelet is hard to beat. I tried it out in a field (under a tree, as you can see!), and just let the clasp out slightly, so it fit perfectly over the snow cuff of my winter shell, and in this case I let the outer sleeve ride over it. This would even work with the black inner cuff pulled right down and my thumb through the slits. Mr. Versatile. - One erratum, the non-date version of this movement, as fitted in this watch, is the Cal. 9039 - the date version models in the range have the 9015. Obvs!
  3. And then everybody would be telling us it can be worn as a dress watch too
  4. The extra long strap arrived from CWC, and it's long. Extra long, I would say. Pretty sure that will go over my chain-mail, never mind my wetsuit!
  5. Anyway, here's a picture I took a month ago on 27th November. Enjoy your afternoon.
  6. Hell, is it still only November? Get a move on 2020! Anyway, if you are going to start WRUW threads early, you should do it properly, none of this 2 minutes to midnight nonsense!
  7. Traditionally screw link bracelets have been considered a premium product, but I did see in one review of the watch I just bought - which has screw links - that the author would have preferred pins, and I wondered why. However, while I was sizing the bracelet, I noticed a couple of the screwed pins turned very easily. Now I have other screw link bracelets, but I am generally a strapping chap, and do not leave them on, so I would not typically notice this phenomenon, although I do know on my Armand Nicolet bracelet they are jolly tight. Anyway, I sized the bracelet and checked the pins a
  8. Morning, this just back from service.. 3133, stainless case .HAGD
  9. I don't know, but it always has been, I was devastated aged about 11 when I found out the paint on my Timex was non-luminous ... more recently I saw a great deal on the black dial Milus Snow Star instant date - 904 stainless etc. etc., but I was thinking, if I get it, then I would have to send it to the watch-man to retro-fit luminous dauphin hands! Only after I didn't go home!
  10. The lume dial is what sold it for me, there is a black 'meteorite' dial version, but I have been on a run of black dial watches, so just needed a change- TBH the lumed dial does not really aid night time visibility after the first 3 hrs or so but it is good fun. There is also a green dial version, but again, I was specifically looking for a white dial watch on this occasion. I agree about the push buttons - at least it has two buttons and two catches that operate independently, so just pressing one button does not release it, and on the hill I always wear two watches anyway (includin
  11. Solid choice, Explorer always turns up in any GADA thread, I almost went for a black (meteorite) dial version of the Zelos, but I have been on a streak of black dial watches and fancied a change.
  12. Well it is very precise, and remaining 1-2 seconds fast over the past 20 hrs or so - always a relief!
  13. Well some people select a watch in the morning, I always put the 'old' watch away at night, and put my 'new' one on straight away, whether I am going to work or going to bed. And of course I like to celebrate that, if I am up at midnight, well, it's like Christmas every day when you have a watch collection! Religious people celebrate midnight mass, I celebrate the changing of the watch, in a ceremony I call the Neuchawrist!
  14. Change into work wear. Zelos 'Lunar Frost' Horizons field watch.
  15. Morning, working through my Russian chronos - this will be going away soon, must remind my watch repairer not to repaint any hands ... Funny how one changes, there was a time I would have wanted to replace the hands, or at least touch up the hour hand.
  16. At least we got tat out of the way. Unless you buy your shirts ready to wear, I am afraid the bezel is likely to snag awfully on your cuff, and a matching green Tux will not get past my doorman. He might let you in with a black dial Zenith rainbow, but NOT THE CHRONOGRAPH!
  17. to assist Mr. Nigel: Actuals: (needs more WR IMHO) nice some Lassale movements went into the Connaisseur range in the UK Meanwhile Fantasy trio: (Needs more WR IMHO) I will have to pass on the Seiko 45 etc etc But finally, this for dress, perhaps?:
  18. Hi, I have seen lots of arguments for 'Go Anywhere, Do Anything' watches, but I'm not buying it - I think there are versatile watches, but not one that does your scuba gear and your tuxedo. Anyway, if you disagree, there is no point playing, because this thread is about three watches - or six, as I shall explain - and the premise that you need a multi-purpose watch plus a specialist diver (just in case, I dunno, you are a watch nut, you need a diver for heaven's sake) AND a dress watch, (just in case, I dunno, maybe we will do some fancy socialising again some day, or gift it or bequeath it
  19. Well I don't believe in GADA watches: if I was in my DJ and glanced down to see a dive watch on my wrist, I would think I was wearing the wrong jacket - my own is a bit long in the sleeves since I appear to have started shrinking, and my watch no longer peeks out. And if I was in my wetsuit at 200m depth and glanced down to see a gold 2-hander strapped to my wrist I would assume someone had slipped me LSD, since I rarely swim, and always keep my head above the water. But I do believe in a watch that goes most places and does most things, my Tag 6000 is one, but we won't mention that, as
  20. Same watch different strap. Gratuitous extra pic lol!
  21. New arrival, Zelos 39mm 'Lunar Frost' full lume field watch, with screw crown, screw-link bracelet with sliding ratchet clasp for quick adjust, quick release solid end links, domed box sapphire crystal, slides under a cuff but goes over just as nicely, if you have already been sewn into your winter underwear. OK I admit it I went under my blankets to check the lume Umm... yeah, just going back under my blankets! HAGD
  22. And it would have been 70 grand if the chrono hands hadn't been repainted. Grrrrr....
  23. Morning, Strela 3133 re-issue. Another 50m WR and this could have been 'The One'. Oh, and lume. GADA gotta have lume.
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