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  1. That's very nice, I always have my eyes peeled for a Citizen Super Jet, obvs!
  2. Well I was wearing this : but now I'm wearing this 36mm number after a bunch of straps came through the door. Fitted some fat-boy strap bars and a Tudor style NATO. I am selling a few watches but now need to buy another, as I have the super-engineer bracelet I was using on this previously lying around. HAGD
  3. Morning, I'm sticking with the newbie. Elliot Brown Holton Automatic, Bronze IP Complete with matching, hinged, pinless buckle, which I wear (quite unnecessarily) on the side of my wrist. 'Desert sand' one piece webbing strap, with double selvedges, and permanent anti-bac treatment. HAGD
  4. 500 CHF for me, that would be about a hundred and forty Great British Pounds, last time I checked.
  5. Wildbounds had some great deals on gear and watches, I got one on this - HAGD
  6. Just received this puppy from Wildbounds outdoor gear store - obviously straight on the wrist. Highly recommend them, I messed up the online discount code and there was no problem at all in getting it applied retro-actively. 'Bronze' (IP) Holton Automatic. Won't turn black, but neither will my wrist. Which is good, since I am not taking it off for a while. HAGD
  7. For tonight's couvert operation. On the world's stealthiest bracelet. not Probably not the first choice in theatre ... HAGD
  8. Morning, Elliot Brown Canford. 200m WR with push-pull crown, which I like, and nicely smart but casual. HAGD
  9. Tempted by a bracelet at last, quite like it. It has one of those ratchet style diver extensions, which you can use as a micro adjustment, comes in handy if I swap wrists, my right one appears a little more muscular. Solid end links and screwed pins. Good night
  10. I didn't buy a watch from First Class Watches, but they have accessories in the sale too, and I did therefore get this Elliot Brown gunmetal bracelet. Oh, I accidentally bought the bronze Holton in the Wildbounds sale. So yeah, mini collection complete! HAGD
  11. Elliot Brown, some of their 300m automatics are very smart Tyneham. 41mm
  12. Staying EB but a bit more sheen, if not shine, for Sunday! Oops better turn the reflector bezel round ... It doesn't click, BTW, but it seems to stay put. Gently distressed Horween leather, which I fitted the Elliot Brown buckle to ... So threaded bars everywhere and not a spring in sight. Sits very nicely for a 44mm case, and I have sent off for a strap bar upgrade kit, which has socketed ends rather than slots, so no sharp tools required for a strap change. HAGD
  13. And here ... (Couldn't hold the phone still!) Leave only footprints. So you can find your way back! Hope you have a calmer one. JJ
  14. I was surfing till midnight, but being very good, and only bought a bracelet and a strap. And, ummm... two watches had already arrived Wednesday. Something will have to go to sales corner!
  15. I have gone rubber on the left for the trip into work, butt it's a 12 foot NATO to wrap my Ball around my snow jacket ... HAGD
  16. I am going with this Holton NIVO. Although I am thinking about switching it to this strap for my trip onto campus in the morning, to check on the construction site. Stay safe. JJ
  17. I think it looks good (maybe a touch narrow) but I am biased towards Tag / Heuer and NATO straps! I am liking this style of strap at the moment : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265380705533?var=565215360567 I presume you have tried a chunky black rally strap? No I think it is great, forged below the Ironstone mines, in the fires of a Welsh dragon! Rumour has it I like gunmetal watches pale gunmetal or dark gunmetal I thought you would have heard.
  18. As long as you were only pulling my virtual leg rather than my actual leg, we can still be friends.
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