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  1. Only contender for the 'Top Ten Watches That Look Good On A NATO Strap'.
  2. It's definitely in the top ten watches people would say that people would say are in the top ten watches.
  3. It's definitely in the list of the top ten watches people are most likely to say are in the top ten watches people are most likely to say.
  4. I have just changed out if this .... Into this ... (old pic) And have just swapped it off a bracelet back onto that NATO, which for an awful moment I could not find! But, to sighs of relief all around, the Ball is safely back on nylon. (new pic) HAGD J
  5. Messrs. Elliot and Brown are jolly interesting fellows, paired originally at Animal working on on unbreakable and 'un-loseable' watches for surfers. Alex Brown eschewed a move to Cartier in favour of establishing the tough watch company with Ian Elliot. I have given a few design tips to Alex recently, which I am sure he is seriously contemplating, and it sorely won't be long before Elliot, Brown & Co. is gracing the dials. Until then EB is often used as an abbreviation. I like the colour matched printing on the date wheels, the fact that the watches are tested under water at 20 atm before shipping (a Holton was taken 1.9km below the Gulf of Mexico), and I believe they remain waterproof to 200m even with the crown unscrewed - the Kimmeridge dispenses with a screwed crown altogether and retains 200m WR. No spring bars in neither the watch lugs nor the rubber strap buckles. A locking barb on the strap tail. These watches do not want to leave your wrist ... I don't think branding is such an obstacle for a jolly good tool watch, and I am sure if Rolex watches said 'Jetski, Wilsdorf & Cie.' on the dial, they would sell just as many. If not more. Ah! I see your point. I didn't mean did your watch get in the top 10 GPS watches, I meant did any of your watches get in any reviewers top 10 of anything, e.g. " Smash Hits Top 10 Watches With A Picture of Justin Timberlake On The Dial"! (As per "Do any of your watches make a top ten list? ") (And don't try to deny that Justin Timberlake watch ... )
  6. I am sure most of us do quite a bit of research when looking for a new watch, and check up on reviews and videos while shopping around for a good deal on whatever has taken our eye. Now I am not sure whether we value the opinions of others that much to be swayed one way or the other: once our mind is fixed we probably concur with all the good reviews, and think any mediocrity pointed out by a reviewer is simply down to myopia and would be remedied by their taking a trip to the optometrist. However, I was amazed to spot my latest purchase coming in at number nine, on a website list of "Best Outdoor Watches 2021 | Durable GPS Options For Hiking, Running and Cycling" , especially as, erm, it doesn't actually have GPS! The reviewer, whilst acknowledging that minor deficiency, obviously felt having a proper watch on one's wrist surpasses most of the smart watch offerings and their ability to tell you where you are, how many calories you have consumed, and how long to your next heart attack! So here it is, the 9th best GPS watch in the world: The Holton Automatic. https://outdoorsmagic.com/article/best-outdoor-watches/ Obviously, if you wear one of these, you are the type of chap who is never lost, even if you don't know where you are. And you are certainly not worried about your battery running out. Do any of your watches make a top ten list? Let's see 'em ....
  7. Many people will be just glad you escaped the dreaded Mercedes hands. Wait ....
  8. Started making some room in the box. Two down, four to go.
  9. Sorely they let you put a watch on first? If not I can lend you a CWC extra-long NATO, so you can wear a watch over the top. Free P & P.
  10. And again. I like this strap, a kind of layered approach to strapping down the auto, which has quite a deep case back. But I think it might look good on the bead-blasted version too. Starting to think there is only one way to find out ...
  11. TBH I am tempted to stick another link in the bracelet and start wearing it. But I have an itch for the bead-blasted Holton Auto, so something has to give.
  12. Change for the pm and a photo shoot. HAGD
  13. 1964 Seiko 5 - wearing this a lot again after putting it back on the winder, makes a great difference with day complications and no quick-set on the date. HAGD
  14. After selling my Holton I missed it, and I almost pulled the trigger a few times on a replacement, even had one in my basket, and I was pretty certain that - once expeditions were on the agenda again - I would buy another one, but I didn't. I bought another two: The clincher was getting the strapping right to improve the comfort - I used to wear my last one on a pretty cheap and stiff nylon NATO. Both the leather NATO above and especially the Elliot Brown patent single-pass design below give just that bit of shock absorption you need, when you have a bit of Centurion tank on your wrist. Comfy enough to be a daily. Bright enough to be a nightly. I do fancy the bead blasted auto too, it's a bit more genteel for a daily. Case-backs are deeper on the autos though, so they don't come in at the required thickness (or thinness) to meet military spec, and don't get the pheon. JJ
  15. Lucky I went for a diver, for my walk today, a couple of spots of rain, if I am not mistaken. Enjoy the last of your weekend. JJ
  16. I have changed out of my nocturnal watch, and into my robust companion for the wet weather trials ahead. Marketed for the fairer sex, however this particular Kimmeridge model is fully brushed, and with an upgraded gender changing hand-set modification, I dub thee The Himmeridge. HAGD
  17. This is only a minor mod, but I swapped out the hands on this Elliot Brown Kimmeridge for a 'Holton reduced' look, and EB have not excommunicated me, so that's nice. Increasing the distinction between the shape of the hours and minutes hands is good form for a field watch, and the lume on the new seconds hand is just outside the radius of the hours hand, which is something I look for. - I mixed and matched from two different hand sets. The original hands were a bit narrow for my liking, and the matt black pvd outline of the hands lost, to my ageing eyesight, against the dark blue dial, made them appear narrower still.
  18. Mr. Reliable when it comes to lume. HAGD
  19. Yes, the oyster perpetual Air-King with explorer dial should do it.
  20. Elliot Brown Kimmeridge 'Special Edition' RNLI collaboration 'Special Edition' JJ Vs. EB! 38mm, fully brushed stainless case, domed sapphire crystal, Ronda 715, push-pull crown and 200m WR. Geckota fully brushed Super-engineer bracelet. Custom hands mod. Peng City Arizona! JJ
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