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  1. Berli-Lyon 1970 ish Lorsa Cal. P75 diver One of my favourite lumes - not strong, just like the design.
  2. I contacted a place once that did gold plating, I will check if they chrome. I have to find someone for my Pierce mono-pusher.
  3. That is smashing, do you recall Ed Straker used to wear a TV dial watch on UFO? Lovely watch, TRY NOT TO BREAK IT. Had not noticed the hours and the minutes on the bezel before, that's a great feature, I would definitely use it. On a long hike I sometimes set the elapsed time bezel to the hour hand rather than the minute hand.
  4. That's very exactly what a very exquisite dive watch should very much look like. Verily. Good, can do without a bidding war for the last white dial Casio Duro in existence! Although TBH I have given up really. Lumed balance looks good, and I like the colour matched day and date wheels. Also glad that the crown is on the 'wrong' side : looks super-chunky and best out of the way! The drilled lugs are a nice touch - you can get single shoulder strap bars (unless you have them already) that look great with a shark mesh, because you don't get to see a double shoulder skinny bit of spring bar at the edge of the bracelet - just a sleek fixed bar effect. The pic below is before I swapped to single shoulder spring bar - looks a bit untidy where the bars go into the lugs, and the last link of the mesh even dropped down into the profile of the skinny end of the bar at '6' : Very nice shot! - the date window looks fine there too, impossible to be offended I think.
  5. I have a job on with this ... Nothing I have ever done to a dial has made it better ...
  6. Turned out nice again here, and just got to the field in time to see an A4 Pacific steaming across the embankment - The Union of South Africa on its retirement tour. Forgot to take my fone. But talking of lightning, this is my favourite site for lightning watching: https://www.westweather.co.uk/lightning-strikes Definitely my favourite dial. good integration of the bracelet / curved end links
  7. This is currently in Tring, but it definitely came from parts East of the Bosphorous.
  8. Elegant design, and looks great on that strap too - I have just ordered a replacement patent croco from Rotary for my dad's old watch, which I am gifting to my son (in the expectation that his black tie dinners are pretty much in front of him, mine are mostly behind lol), Your dial has hardly aged, really clean. Another touch of class! I have been looking out for a white dial version for nearly three years - apparently they were used as the basis of a popular mod at the time, and many have been cannibalised never to be seen again. That has been on my list, but just not got room for it, given a few other items on my list ...
  9. Aaand relaxx. Only wore this a couple of days ago, but it's back on the wrist - looking moody and magnificently comfortable on this strap. About 1970. And 10 to 2, yay! This is a super model, really clear, and looks like the seconds hand is hitting the markers, result! Stylish tho.
  10. A change for me as I go to collect the celebration cake, and on for some part style elevenses. My eldest is celebrating his graduation, I am celebrating his joining the ranks of the gainfully employed!
  11. This is the watch I bought when I last went shopping for a watch in the way a normal person goes shopping for a watch. OK, so I'm late fifties and most of the damage was done falling off my skateboard, so not quite normal. But I did buy the right watch!
  12. Yes, I have recently been moved to consider starting a charity for all those damaged by a privileged up-bringing. On a serious note, they don't experience those things on top of ,and contemporaneous with, all the other stresses a real person has to deal with on a daily basis. And whatever they want to do to escape, they don't have to worry about losing their job, or more, whilst doing it. So yeah, save the violins.
  13. You mean they get to wear the Tags and chirp up when she asks the time? That's a great gig.
  14. Well yeah, I'm guessing it's a Steampunk costume piece.
  15. But that's the genius, the little dial on the left is the energy meter for the quantum entropy drive that makes the 'turrets' visible in this timeline, even though they exist only in a parallel universe, so you can't actually break them. And as long as you keep moving the watch to regenerate the energy, the plasma entanglement within the 'turrets' will give you a second timezone anywhere in the unknown fabric of spacetime, a bit like an automatic.
  16. Yes, 100m is entirely accessible without special cases and crowns - and Citizen do lots of fuss-free 200m watches. The Elliot Brown Holton Professional is rated at 200m even if you forget to screw the crown in.
  17. Pretty sure The Queen has a few Tags lying around that she wears when no-one's looking ... Tag 6000 with Mk 1 bracelet. HAGD
  18. On my right wrist, since my newbie is on the left, My French diver seems to have made a late snaffle for my Elliot Brown watch strap, thanks to a subtle Marine Nationale reference stripe, which is a pretty good match for the lume.
  19. Still debating on the strap though, not easy, quite taken with this ... but starting to prefer this rubber as a grab and go choice ... I'm going to have to do a heat test!
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