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  1. All those moons reflecting on the crystal.
  2. Each of the places I took that Connaisseur, even though the crystal was smashed and with some scratching on the dial, the jewellers / watchmakers commented what a nice watch it was - no complications, just a quiet boss!
  3. He has some other vintage Seiko Quartz too - must have been collecting dust at the back of the shop. The Seiko Connaisseur is so slim, a) the first person to change my battery couldn't get the back off because b) it is fixed in some way to be part of the battery circuit (no room for a spring) and c) ever since the second or third battery, the watch has had a tendency to stop when not on my wrist, presumably because of either a gap developing between the case and the battery as it cools, or a blob of gum that one chap insisted was needed to keep the cell in place! The one just arrived from Italy is fine, I guess you just need to take it somewhere that will charge you £100.00 for their expertise. My batteries last a long time though ... Oh I love me some Nixon too!
  4. No, a nice retired watch maker in Italy, but he was so nice, I don't mind giving him some promotion. It took a few days to sort out how to pay (he doesn't have paypal). And you can imagine I was quite determined! I only bought the one watch (as you can see 'SOLD!' lol, not the bunch. that website is like Italian gum tree - just happenstance.
  5. Have to tell you guys, my most accurate piece is a 'fashion' chrono with .. (suspense to kill you more) .... RUNNING CENTRE SECONDS! It's a freak, with sweeping lugs. And the lume dots on the sticky-up bit of the dial! It has earned it's David Boettcher strap though ... 22mm hand made RAF style, blue one piece strap, 2 keepers (one fixed, one floating) made to measure.
  6. My parents bought mine from a jeweller in Brighton -, Summer 1981 I think it would have been, I turned 18 the following Spring - there was a chap in there having the bad news broken to him about his 'genuine' Rolex ...
  7. buy it! https://www.kijiji.it/annunci/orologi/parma-annunci-parma/orologi-seiko-le-connaisseur-a-quarzo/86859526
  8. 6020 6000 T on the dial 6020 6000 R2 on the case - the glass on mine is appalling - I smashed the crystal, hawked it around until someone said they could fit it with a plain glass, but, when I picked it up, the inclusions in the glass were dire - I just paid the 60 quid to get it back off them lol - at some point I'll get it re-glazed properly, but know not where.
  9. erm - I used to know - 6020 6000 r2 was the code number - I found the NOS on www.kijiji.it whilst looking for a new strap for mine!
  10. Just touching 4.5mm and 1982- my 18th birthday pressie - erm, actually this is my daughter's 18th birthday pressie, NOS from a retired watchmaker from Florence! Mine is more - battered (see below). My Seiko bracelet courtesy of Ebay ...
  11. just a couple ... And a Bulova so heavy, I normally wear it round my shin.
  12. I work away all week and put this on of an evening when I am back at home - for the obvious reason, it's my classiest glowing watch I like not having to reset it.
  13. Snap! I am considering selling a watch, currently keep talking myself out of it. I thought it would be my everyday wearer when I got it, but I have accidentally bought half a dozen more watches since. More interesting than stamps, though!
  14. This has proved a great thread! I must admit that, although not my favourite watch to wear, the leader of my herd is a Citizen solar powered radio controlled watch. And all love to my Russian hand wound spring-babies, but my grab-and-go is a Timex, currently retailing for £23.00 (new without tags) , super accurate - I mean to the split second per month - and with a brass bezel that develops a lovely patina. If you want to buy an old one, pre-aged, (distressed, you might say, or 'vintage'), you could pay, erm, twice the price of a new one ... Love me some Casio ...
  15. After some dialogue with an overseas seller, I bought a NOS watch, looking better than the current model because of some patination on the bezel, and advertised cheaper (obviously). Then the VAT went on, and I hadn't properly assessed the postage , and the new model got reduced in the sales, and now I'm an eejit. Over some fancy coloured corrosion. Hoping you will have stories to make me feel better ...
  16. I bought one because it went with a nice 22mm strap I had. I bought the other six for no reason.
  17. That's great - their skin-diver with orange lume looks fab too - may have knocked the Squale 20 atmos off my wish-list!
  18. awaiting my screwdriver bits from ebay and an eterna battery for £1.50! I am replacing the movement in a - literally - mickey mouse quartz watch, to practice on. And as luck would have it, my dad has a half-decent set of tools - case openers, tweezers, little vice etc. that I bought him for Christmas. I'm just going to smear a little silicone grease on the old gasket. No plans to go swimming in it! I do have watches that will end up in the water, mainly the solar powered ones that never have the back off.
  19. My mistake then - Squale was not on the list, I told him it was the same movement as the Tag Aquaracer ... I will find another movement, hopefully a Lorus, using the same battery and find another branch!
  20. On my Squale. Without a pressure test. Sounds like a job I could do. I wouldn't mind, but I had to tell him the caliber - anyway, battery, £1.50; tiddly screwdrivers for the battery bridle, £8.00; experience - I'll tell you next week after the bits come, and if I don't snap any screws ... I think I have some silicone grease that came in the box with this - either that or lip balm (the writing on the lid was Japanese)!
  21. I always thought I would get one when I could afford one, but never did. I think a present is the best way to get one! Good job!
  22. Confession time - 'dispatched' notification just arrived ... (Erm, bought for a friend, obvs )
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