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  1. Surf's up @rafy1 . Still with my 200m Citizen Eco-drive for the inaugural meet of the Brighton and Hove Mixed Gas Paddling Club. Have a great day.
  2. Thanks, I was thinking that it doesn't get enough wrist time, I bought it for my son but he snaffled my Horizons 200m field watch instead. Now my impulse buy Holton Auto has kind of leapfrogged this Citizen, even though I spent a long time choosing it. So I guess you can have too many watches.
  3. This for my Bank Holiday travels to the Wiltshire time zone.
  4. Citizen GMT Titanium diver. Which strikes me now as a bit illogical, Captain. If you think about it, even a steel watch, once it has displaced its own volume of water, will not weigh very heavily on your wrist whilst diving anyway. JJ
  5. Gorgon skin strap required, I think.
  6. Morning, sun has broken through here now, too, and another adventure day for me so I get to pretend I'm a bit daft like @mach 0.0013137and wear two watches. Not sure which is the backup, especially since I just used the auto to correct the quartz. Have a great day.
  7. Day trip to the Indian Ocean, the little known Burj Palace Pier in the background.
  8. Another Seiko, 40 yrs since I spotted this, a stone's throw from the beach we're off to today. It was on leather back then, expecting an easy life as a dress watch, but it was my daily and is well worn. OK, badly worn!
  9. Just because it's ten past ten. And Bocks can be super, can't they?
  10. I knew you must have a decent watch somewhere, I'm liking the grippy crown on this, and the minutes hand, important to have that needle crossing the minutes track when running seconds are on a sub-dial. Not a terrible picture either, with the minutes hand at 9 counterbalancing the white of the day / date windows at 3. Good effort albeit americanish. 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5
  11. Weather gods of Rochdale clearly didn't get the memo to brighten the hell up. Have a great one anyway. JJ
  12. About 1/3 of the way through my experiment to have this watch maintain accuracy for 6 months without setting it. HAGD
  13. Agree, plain coloured NATO straps do seem to be more likely to improve a watch than a Bond pattern.
  14. Are you mad? There can be only one, Highlander. Definitely the latter. I was of course trolling by implying Craig is not real, I think he is the best bond in very many ways, but sentimentally I cannot forget my cinematic introduction to Bond, at a Sean Connery double-bill around 1975.
  15. Same watch, different cuff - I need to find a suitable dressing for my rubber strap to keep it sleek and shiny! HAGD
  16. The new bond NATO is a bit easier to pair. Although I have a Zulu version I am hoping to ship off on an old diver. I should have clarified I was talking about the Real Bond.
  17. Definitely cause for hope there! I do have a Seiko 5 incoming, so maybe ...
  18. I have watches that it should go with very well in theory, with complementary dials, or details, or chapter rings, but it never quite gels.
  19. I thought that, until I bought a special edition version of a watch precisely because the hands looked much better in the advertisement than the standard versions; but then it turned out the advertising 'render' being used was not the version that got made, because the watch arrived with the unwanted slightly skinnier hands. So I could have sent it back, but instead I turned it into the watch I really wanted, by buying correctly proportioned hands. And now it is perfect, and unique - even the chap I bought the hands from said it looked like it was 'meant to be' after I changed the hands. I have passed my design tips on to the manufacturer for their next production run. They were really grateful.
  20. I don't like it, but I like that you like it lol It's quite easy to fit new hands. Although difficult to buy aftermarket hands with C3 lume (or equal).
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