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  1. I bought an 18mm for a particular watch,that looked OK, but the date window was not quite square on the wheel, and even a service / repair could not fix it, so I sold the watch, and the strap has only served since as a temporary strap for any 18mm lug watch arriving without one - the person buying the aforementioned watch even said I could keep the strap, hence the reason I still have it! I sometimes put it on a watch, and think, "well, maybe", but it never stays on for long. I also 'inherited' a 22mm version with a watch that arrived with 3 straps, but that has remained pristine and unused. So, I know it is a very popular version, but I hardly ever see watch pictures posted on a Bond NATO, and I have a suspicion that it suits very few watches. Anybody had any 'success' with this style / pattern?
  2. Evening expedition to the duck pond. JJ
  3. wait ... I have one of those ... too late - I had to use snips without any rubber on the handles, as the rubber absorbed some of the force, so there was a lot of kung-fu style shouting as I snipped each link, although it did not sound particularly oriental, more anglo-saxon
  4. It's beautiful. I like it - I have a shark mesh waiting for my incoming Seiko 5, and just hoping it fits and looks good - I notice your bracelet has some adjustment links, I had to adjust mine with a pair of rusty snips! I don't have my glasses on and thought that said 'Diningstar' - I was like - that's the watch for me!
  5. Morning, dressed for the weather: Have a great day.
  6. Good afternoon, I am now double insulated against the dreaded lurgy. Have a great evening. JJ
  7. The sharp edges are so that sharks find it unpleasant to chew your arm, and spit it back out.
  8. Morning Have a great day. JJ
  9. Mon - Fri., my snazzy Ball Engineer III, Pioneer. Eta Cal. 2824-2: Saturday, Elliot Brown Holton Automatic, Ref. 101-A10-R06. Seiko Cal. NH35A: Sunday, Omega Bumper Automatic. Ref. 2398-3. Omega Cal. 30.10 HAGD
  10. Sekonda 'Strela' this afternoon, on Poljot bracelet. Oh, and now I have even wound and set it! Because watches can also be used for telling the time. HAGD
  11. Quite excited to be going to the pub for something to eat. New shorter length strap from Geckota, like it because the tail doesn't creep into view from the top. Quite a steep taper on it though, which I suppose makes it a bit dressier for Sunday lunch than the grey NATO I usually wear this with (oh, quick release too!). I am sure I will grow to like the tapered look, since I bought three different colours in the Geckota sale! HAGD JJ
  12. Merging required please, thanks.
  13. Permanent fixture. Running just inside chronometer spec, NH35A. I notice I have picked something up on the bezel knurling between 11 and 12 - this watch is so tough, anything you clonk it against comes off worse. Not sure what it was, probably a bit of limestone, or polar bear, or something. HAGD
  14. No, only an arbiter of all fine things.
  15. One day I'll get to the windmills, but although the wind farm was that-a-way,how could I not go this-a-way? And I got to see a fire-breathing dragon. And my backup EB. Have a great day. JJ
  16. Windmills ahoy, off the starboard, no more than nine leagues.
  17. What are you trying to say lol
  18. Seiko Cal. 410 The Seiko museum has a slightly better example than mine, but you'll get the idea ... https://museum.seiko.co.jp/en/collections/watch_previousterm/collect011/
  19. 64 was a pretty good year for Seiko and there are quite a few Sports watches around, many in stainless, although I went the non-deluxe route with the first issue Seiko 5, partly because I matched month and year, and partly because the '5' is a gateway watch for many people dipping their toe into mechanical watches, and I thought it would be cool to have the first model: This is like mine, but not mine (which is stuck in Marseille due to a control tower glitch): The main down side is an 18mm lug width, but I have got a nice 20mm contoured Geckota currently squished into some 18mm lugs, so that may do it. It's coming on a bracelet. I guess my shark-mesh might be OK too. 36.6mm case.
  20. The uncanny Miyota 8215, Never needs setting ... .. erm, except the date lol Better leave that until morning. J
  21. The 8 series movement can be fine - I know it is a freak, but I last set this watch when the clocks changed - it doesn't hack so that is why I picked a watch with a syringe minute hand, and, after nearly 2 months, I took this at 00:14:08 according to my reference RC clock, so I think it has deviated about 5 seconds max in that time (ie you can ignore the seconds hand which may have stuttered a bit, in the interim - when I set the minutes hand last March, the seconds hand was roughly 20 secs in front). Nothing intrinsically wrong with the movement, it doesn't hack anyway, and the seconds hand is there primarily to tell you the watch is going. All my quartz watches say a slightly different time, according to the seconds hand, since I last set them for DST too. That is mostly on the winder, quite a bit on the wrist, and some hours dial up on the night stand very infrequently. For the record, this is my cheapest mechanical watch, since I sold my Seiko 5 'India Special' last year. My Zelos 9 series 'Horizons' field watch was also very good, but not as good as this, you were in seconds per day territory with that.
  22. More about the strap, equally at home whilst smoking a stealthy pipe or two ... Or on one's double-secure chronograph to time some high-impact egg coddling: Certina DS First 'ceramic' panda today. HAGD Love it, so nearly got a Gulf pallette watch several times.
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