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  1. I know, give me chronographs any day of the week ...
  2. Food for thought - I looked through my watch collection, and the only watch I can see that is neither vintage nor obviously derivative is my Ball: and even that has a serif font for the numerals that looks a bit retro.
  3. Yeah, right, that sounds exactly like what you would want me to do. Subtle, I admit, but I am not falling for it.
  4. Ditto - this can be true - even with the correct die the plastic ones can deform - I split one - and have had that satisfying 'click' only to turn the watch over and ... oooopsie! After a new crystal, I pressed the case back in using my thumbs after having put the back in the freezer to make it contract by a few thou, and of course lubing the rubber with silicone grease. My thumbs were Ok after a week or two. Where's the fun in that?
  5. That's not very OCD. I am working on my collection becoming more and more similar.
  6. That was 'WitchesOfLancashire', not quite the same.
  7. That's good to know, I am close to a deal on a birth month and year watch from Seiko!
  8. The strap has no holes and is secured with a serrated flap / lever a bit like some belt buckles. It's infinitely adjustable and the extra length required for wearing over your wetsuit is kept neatly on the inside of the band, so the tail can be as short as you like past the keeper section of the articulated buckle. The buckle can be worn anywhere around the circumference of the strap (I wear mine on the side but if you are normal you may want to wear it underneath!). I like seeing the buckle PVD and construction integrated with the view of the watch. It's also out of the way whilst I am using my mouse. Or placing listening equipment on the hulls of enemy submarines, whilst mixed gas diving, of course, which I shall be doing straight after some tea and crumpets. Meanwhile it looks equally purposeful peeking from the fluffy cuff of my tactical dressing gown. Keep well, JJ
  9. New strap working well. Have a great day. J
  10. Tag Heuer, obviously. 86 was the switch year I believe from Heuer to Tag. You might squeeze a Heuer 1000 out of '86? I have this from '64 / '65 as best I can tell ...
  11. Absolutely - I was looking at this before I went for the 'Leonardo' edition, which I released - in hindsight the hands and legibility of this version are bang on. Let's face it though, most quartz watches are the only timekeeper most of us would ever need, accuracy wise. It is great that these do DST for you, GPS watches don't, as the signal contains no DST information.
  12. Well you can wear the buckle anywhere, e.g. below the 6, Or on the outside at 12 And you can wear the tail down like that, or up like this The buckle is self keepered and you can have the tail as short as you like with no folding or threading, since the excess strap is on the inside The buckle is articulated at the mid point, so it curves / flexes with your wrist.
  13. I have done this for a couple of my watches, here's my Omega ... The bars aren't coming off unless I cut them off! Watches with drilled lugs are not a problem, of course.
  14. Something a bit older, 1946 Omega bumper Cal. 30.10, stainless case. 18mm one-piece strap from Vintagewatchstraps. JJ
  15. Morning, Having a Ball today. HAGD
  16. I say, the toothbrush charger is a cinch, I currently have 6 display spaces for my Pulsar kinetics, and I think I need to buy another kinetic so that all the slots are filled while one is in the toothbrush charger! The charger is chrome, and looks very swish. I do keep my Eco drives tucked away, and just bring them out every three to six months for a day or two on the window sill - my satellite wave GPS watch has a massive battery, a charge indicator, and goes to sleep in the dark anyway. I have a Casio LCD radio controlled, a Citizen GPS, and a Citizen GMT diver. I have had a couple of Citizen analogue RC too - including the cream special edition that someone else on the forum has, which both looked great and functioned well, but the hand sets not quite chunky enough for my ancient eyes so I flipped them. I had a lovely Seiko Solar turtle too, but the seconds hand did not hit the markers, and it irritated me a bit, so I flipped that too. The chap who bought it was miffed also, and wanted to write to Seiko! I don't even have to shake my GPS watch - I just take it out of the drawer, it comes out of hibernation and sets itself to the precise time in about 3 seconds. My quartz TAG 6000 is over 25 years old and never been serviced, when it does go away I will probably just ask for a new movement, which I could actually do myself - I have done two quartz movement replacements already (buttons compared to a mechanical service) - but since it is my TAG will prolly have it done professionally. I do the batteries myself and re-grease the seal. They last forever. Ish.
  17. Since I posted this I have flipped the quartz version and bought the automatic, but I still agree with the last post by Jet Jetski, that a thicker strap helps secure / support the watch in a more structural way on the wrist - although over clothing it is good to pull it tight on a fabric strap, like a NATO or MN, while worn on the wrist like a normal person I have found the rubber OEM strap or a hybrid strap like this one most comfortable, once 'broken in': The strap doesn't taper, so I couldn't fit the EB buckle, but I have ordered a shoulderless spring bar for this buckle to make it more secure.
  18. I am waiting on one of these: From Elliot Brown - different colours and buckles available, including bead-blasted. I hope it comes with instructions. If the roving end gets too worn, you can turn it around and make what was the fixed end the free end. I am hoping this will return me to 'right-wristing' which I gave up when I started using a computer mouse or puck all day, and dragging my watch buckle across the desk or tablet was uncomfortable. Pretty sure I can get the buckle up on the side of mt wrist out of the way.
  19. I used to wear my old one on a NATO, seems more comfortable on this chunkier strap. I really don't want to take it off! HAGD
  20. EB Holton Automatic for my mission to the kitchen. HAGD
  21. A change for the evening and the fun begins with the straps ... The strap is 22mm but the buckle is only a thou under 23, so just ordered a new 23mm 1.8 diameter single shoulder spring bar for it. J
  22. But if you wear one to the club, you will really need one with a diamond bezel to show up under the dark lights.
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