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  1. Morning, Strela 3133 re-issue. Home again on this Geckota contoured leather strap, after a brief excursion onto a steel bracelet. HAGD
  2. Morning, I am currently looking at a very nice quality watch in a similar colourway, but I very much like this Pulsar, and thinking I really have no need! HAGD
  3. 1946 Omega Ref. 2398-3 Cal.30-10 bumper automatic. Single pass leather strap from Vintagewatchstraps. Have a great day. J
  4. Just another pic while I have a breather, and it's ten past ten! HAGD
  5. I think this may be the rare blue dial, and I think they may be rare because they turn black ... This lost an hour marker in the same postal apocalypse that damaged it's brother,.and the patch of dial thus exposed was blue! HAGD
  6. That's great! (Well, sometimes you see a watch and go to click 'like', and suddenly realise it's your own!)
  7. Me either! I also think something has gone wrong with this crystal at a structural (crystalline) level, but I don't think it will be noticeable except when blown up as a photograph.
  8. I am in a very rugged environment today, and may do some damage. Extra patina, coming up!
  9. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Provided you have enough Polywatch. Another tube should do it ... JJ
  10. I was between the Seiko 5 and the Citizen 'Super Jet' for my latest 1964 watch, and now wondering if there is some direct manufacturer's competition here between the '5' and the '7' presented in their respective shields.
  11. 1964 Seiko 5. And the time that time forgot ... Enjoy your Sunday. JJ
  12. Work on a Saturday for a change. My weekend job as Spiderman, by the look of these gloves I've been given. HAGD
  13. Does anybody else actually stop breathing and try to stop their heart while taking a photograph of their watch? Or just me?
  14. Morning, Elliot Brown again, HAGD
  15. OK, the pattern around it reminded me of a kind of 'wheat ear' agrarian design, or maybe laurel leaves, a bit like the cockade I bought off Etsy for my fur lined cap: I have a spare one if you want one, to go with your watch?
  16. Agreed, the soviet crown is a stylish touch.
  17. I use a bread bin with a lid, but I do keep several straps in those cellophane sleeves they come with, and use ziplock bags to pair many of my two-piece straps, but inevitably when I am looking for a strap, I tip the lot out on the bed! I keep spring bars and tools and my bench knife in a little tin with spare buckles.
  18. It would only be obviously anomalous if you referred to, say, a Lip Kaliber; however, in your posts, the linguistic association to the place of manufacture is fairly clear, and pleasant to read. It doesn't go unnoticed.
  19. I will be here and there, starting in Lancashire, down to Cheshire, then over to Yorkshire in the Near-East, and I have chosen this '64 Seiko 5, to give it a trip closer to home. HAGD
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