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  1. 8 hours ago, tick-tock-tittle-tattle said:

    One costs under £700, one costs £4700

    One is available now, the other is possibly not available, and you will have to go on a wait list.

    So...what I am saying is that if you want a blue or green dial automatic from a watch brand with lots of history and respect...think twice.

    T127.407.11.091.01_R.png IMG_8709-2-e1603373723187.jpg

    Thanks to Tissot, and Millenary Watches for the images.

    Whichever goes solar powered first.

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  2. On 09/06/2021 at 10:22, AVO said:

    We have had a number of threads recently that focus on people’s buying habits. Recognising that we are all at different stages in this journey, and that many of us have different aspirations and budgets, I thought I would pose this question.

    Supposing you were given a reasonably substantial sum of money (let’s say £6000 as a ballpark figure) with the condition that you had to spend it on a watch or watches. How would you go about it? Would you buy half a dozen reasonably good, midpriced watches, would you spend half of it on one watch and the rest on two or three others, or would you put it all on one special watch? Equally, you could of course buy 30 watches for £200 each. It’s up to you.

    At the stage I find myself in at the moment, I would definitely be looking at Option Three. I have in the past received a couple of bequests and have bought special memento watches out of the funds, but there were obviously never any conditions attached. And I think I would probably be looking at the pre-owned market nowadays for something of really extraordinary quality. If I’m going to buy a watch at all from here on in, it will need to be something pretty special.

    As I said, completely theoretical. What do you think?

    A couple of 'nice' watches and a load of others.

  3. I think this may be the rare blue dial, and I think they may be rare because they turn black ...





    This lost an hour marker in the same postal apocalypse that damaged it's brother,.and the patch of dial thus exposed was blue!


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  4. 56 minutes ago, Karrusel said:


    1964 CITIZEN AutoDater 7.

    Cal: 4101 'Jet Ring Rotor', 25 jewel.




    I was between the Seiko 5 and the Citizen 'Super Jet' for my latest 1964 watch, and now wondering if there is some direct manufacturer's competition here between the '5' and the '7' presented in their respective shields.

  5. 58 minutes ago, JayDeep said:

    I would say more like the Texas lone star crown.

    OK, the pattern around it reminded me of a kind of 'wheat ear' agrarian design, or maybe laurel leaves, a bit like the cockade I bought off Etsy for my fur lined cap:

    No photo description available.


    I have a spare one if you want one, to go with your watch?



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  6. 6 hours ago, Roxyben said:

    So since getting into watches I have accumulated quite a few straps, bracelets and the odd tool along the way. At the moment the straps are just getting thrown into this tin I had spare but they are outgrowing the tin rapidly! All my watches are put away neatly in watch boxes, the boxes they came with are stored out of the way in the loft which just leaves a spaghetti junction of straps in a tin which is not ideal. A bigger box may be a start but was wondering if they are any tidy ideas you lot may have come up with for storing natos and bracelets and any other bits of odds and ends?



    I use a bread bin with a lid, but I do keep several straps in those cellophane sleeves they come with, and use ziplock bags to pair many of my two-piece straps, but inevitably when I am looking for a strap, I tip the lot out on the bed!

    I keep spring bars and tools and my bench knife in a little tin with spare buckles.

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  7. 21 hours ago, yokel said:

    Nobody has yet pointed out the anomaly :whistle:

    It would only be obviously anomalous if you referred to, say, a Lip Kaliber; however, in your posts, the linguistic association to the place of manufacture is fairly clear, and pleasant to read.  It doesn't go unnoticed.

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