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  1. You can get some proper hands from monsterwatches and swap them out:


    Gilt might look better:


    so it's not all doom and glume.



    19 minutes ago, Ugg10 said:

    Sounds like the consensus is close but no cigar.

    I actually think the Omiwatari is a better looking watch and I could get used to the manual wind but I would like to see what it looks like on a bracelet. But again, the price seems a little high given it is not a limited edition (RRP £7700, seen it down to £7400 but that’s it for discounts at the moment).



    I want one.

  2. 33 minutes ago, SolaVeritate said:

    Good morning. 

    So this bracelet arrived yesterday. Is this the type you guys call a "lumpy", I think it was sold as an "engineer".


    Fitting was problematic with my shaky hands with the small screws (I don't like that style) and I'm not sure if I like it yet but its chunkyness suits the watch.

    Its Sunday.. have fun after church :crazy5vh:

    The bracelet suits the watch, it is more lumpy than a typical engineer - my Geckota version is smooth and silky!

  3. p.s. if you are worried about how it will look, I am guessing that the answer will be 'big' - the watches are smart, but designed for the great outdoors and activities where you are not unduly concerned about tucking it under a cuff.   A wet suit will give your wrist a bit of extra girth, wear it over that, and you'll be fine.  I find I need to go up a shirt size though, if I have my wet suit on underneath.

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  4. As for the Bloxworth funnily enough I have not tried one, my tastes in chronographs are very vintage.  I do own a current model chrono but even that has a now obsolete (quartz) movement.

    I had a big quartz Shinola chrono and there was nothing wrong with it until I started timing things and couldn't read the sub dials without my specs.  My new one has centre seconds and minutes on the centre (sweep).

    The Traska is very nice and in my zone, indeed I modified my Kimmeridge and this has hands similar to the ones I used, although I didn't go full-on gladiator.


    What diameter is the Traska case?

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  5. 18 minutes ago, tick-tock-tittle-tattle said:

    You must have quite a number of Pulsar watches now...10 to 20???

    or would you rather not say just in case the wife reads your posts :biggrin:

    I have 6 kinetics and this quartz - it is almost identical to one of the kinetics, and I bought it to donate the crystal to its cousin, however I did manage to do a good bit of rescue work on the kinetic crystal, and decided that the risks of opening a 100m case outweighed the benefits.


    When this needs a battery, I might just do the crystal swap, and then send the kinetic away for a new power cell and have the case re-tested at the same time when it is put back together.


    FYI my wife has been making someone else's life a misery for many the long year now :laughing2dw:

  6. 1 hour ago, Bricey said:

    Dive watch at 6.8mm



    Edit: Sorry, its quartz!


    The Traska Summiteer I've ordered comes in above your aim, but at a still svelte 10mm.

    It's also regulated in 4 positions. 





    10mm excludes the crystal - not sure why that has become the fashion (to omit the height of the crystal), especially when it's a box crystal like the Traska.  When assessing the thickness, if folk are concerned about depth, it is usually because they are thinking about bulk under a shirt cuff, which a box crystal obviously contributes to.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, RTM Boy said:

    Yeah, thanks, too thick for what I'm looking for anyway.

    But looking into it a bit more, there's another issue I have with the Longines Spirit; at £1,820 SRP for the 42mm version it's £500 more than the Milus (at current FX rates) for a straightforward-looking field watch whose date window looks like a last-minute decision, as does what seems to be an advertisement for VSOP cognac above 6 o'clock. :laugh::laugh:

    I'm sure it's very nice, but for me for that look I'll stick with my £60 Pulsar :teethsmile:


    The 40mm Longines is cheaper, but the lugs are 21mm.  Hang on though, your pic has given me an idea ...


    ... for a strap change!

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  8. 1 hour ago, Bricey said:

    is the Icelandic watchmaker 4 foot 4?



    17 minutes ago, Karrusel said:

    It’s these nuances that make all the difference...too me!

    I am waiting for them to make a lumed version.

    But the blue is nice and the exchange rate seems OK just now.  If only it was like the old days and you could pay a few shillings extra for luminous dial and hands.


    For not much more, this 40mm Longines is nice but 12.2mm thick:

    Longines L38104032

    But the OP should not buy the green one.

  9. 2 hours ago, JayDeep said:

    Profile view is sweet, but the dial lacks a particular punch to it that I like. For me there's simple done right and simple done wrong and the difference is all in the hands and indices employed. 

    @yokelhas a great recommendation, if you haven't pulled the trigger on the Aera already. A classically designed fleiger is on the right side of such a design, in my not so humble opinion. However don't recall ever seeing one with a domed crystal, which seems to be a point for you.

    In the end, if you dig it, get it. It's not horrible looking, I just really detest the hands they've chosen and the dial markings are a bit much for my taste with such a watch, frankly. It detracts from the legibility actually. My initial "gut reaction" was, wow that's busy. And for me to say that, that's really saying something.

    It's 43mm so I think it will take the seconds track etc in its stride.  And maybe the domed crystal will make it look even bigger?

  10. 4 hours ago, RTM Boy said:

    Not having bought anything for getting on for 4 years, my recent luck in securing a Briston (thanks again @Roy ) has made me hanker for a thin auto or hand-wound - not too dressy.  These tend to be associated with micro-rotors and high prices, so I'm looking at something more affordable around the 9mm (+/- 0.5mm) thick mark with an SRP of under £1500 new.

    Having had a good look around, options seems quite limited - hand wound being more likely to fit the bill than autos.  Some manufacturers (FC, RW) claim their watches are slim, but when you include the crystal...err...not so much:hmmm9uh:

    I don't want a Hamilton - so I've excluded them - just don't like them, sorry.

    The 'obvious' choice is a Nomos Club 701 hand wound 36mm at 8.2mm, or thereabouts


    But I'm very open to suggestions, if anyone has any alternatives in mind...



    Do those Icelandic chaps make a thin watch?

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