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  1. I did think about the second method, although did wonder about moisture and damp getting inside over time through the hole. Thanks for the input I'm going to have a go this weekend. Cheers, Martin
  2. That's what I was hoping to avoid. It's actually plastic too, so difficult to heat it. I will try a hairdryer + as gentle prising as possible and see if it pops out
  3. Hi all,Looking for help with a glued watch crystal on my Grovemade watch. The hour hand has fallen off so I'm looking to reattach. I have removed the wood front to discover the crystal is glued (I think) in to the metal rim. There are no further screws and no available 'lip' on the watch to prise the front off (I tried this with a tiny screwdriver but don't want to crack the crystal and as you can see I have started to damage it). I have read there is either heat or freezing methods to remove the crystal, but the rest of the watch mechanism is still attached. So I'm afraid either heating or freezing would damage the watch permanently.They're made in the US while I'm in the UK, so replacement parts could be expensive.Any ideas on a safe way to remove the crystal? help would be much appreciated. Cheers,Martin https://ibb.co/hDh9XPG https://ibb.co/tQvqnWx https://ibb.co/0KYWgt8 https://ibb.co/8Xb2NCf https://ibb.co/sjGMhRg
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