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  1. Hi Simon, Need one of mine De magnetising? Also was handed a watch the other day that's running ridiculously fast (hours per day) as it was a freebie and what I believe is probably a Chinese movement wondered if it was work looking over? Finally need a Dial changed on one of mine aswell, (already have the spare dial)?
  2. Avigation Big Eye today whilst I'll go all Ray Mears in my back garden!
  3. Been without my phone all day, so a little late to the Party!
  4. Yes that's correct Acrylic, and it has also been upgraded to a Rolex oyster Bracelet with Screw links... I spend most days in a shirt so it's ideal for under the cuff Got a great deal on the Wolf Box through Francis & Gaye I believe.
  5. So just recently you may of noticed me posting in the classifieds and also reaching out on people's opinions on my next purchase. I didn't really take my own advice or that of the forum... But that's what makes this hobby fun! I've recently been promoted at work and finalised my divorce which means I'm in a position to totally re-think my collection. I can honestly say this is the best SOTC I've had! Great all rounders, all the watches have their own purpose. And even better yet all purchased either at a fantastic discount/price or just great value for money.
  6. A rather trendy angle for a rather trendy SKX today.
  7. The Tag definitely wears better, and will certainly sit better under a long sleeve. Smaller diameter, slimmer case, better lug width. However having never pulled the trigger on a TAG I still have my reservations.
  8. As you can probably tell from my recent posts and the watches I've had on sales corner, my SOTC is rapidly changing... I'm now in a position again to build my Swiss watches back up! I'm looking to add a chrono to the collection. Must have a 'Vintage' look... Therefor I've narrowed it down to these two Longines Avignation Big eye Tag heuer CV 2113 Price, re sale value again is not an issue. Opinions based on aesthetics and specs please.
  9. Sorry I meant I will buy Bracelet versions but intend to wear on Leather... 22mm bracelets look rather off on my wrist
  10. Morning all, In a position to purchase either at a great price. I'm not concerned with Resale value etc, and will opt for the Leather strap version for either. So.... Black Bay (Burgundy bezel) Or Black Bay (GMT)
  11. Got a friend looking to get shot of this one... Kindly letting me have it for a 'trial' weekend.
  12. That is a really good combo! Love it.
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