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  1. one more thing ive just noticed on this watch its now flashing recharge when its been out of direct sunlight for only a few hours and its had a new capacitor
  2. thanks but think your right its got problems that I don't think will be sorted
  3. hi yeah ive set the time but it doesn't stay at the right time its starts going up the wall
  4. tring to set the time now the hand keep going round the digital part is fine on the country side it just keeps flashing charge
  5. yeah looks that way I have had over 10 years of it it as been a good watch
  6. hi can any one help I have had a citizen eco drive for 11 the glass broke so I got a new one I stuck it in a draw where it as been for over a year . ive gone to take it out there is no life what so ever I lefy in direct sun light for 5 months still nothing I took it to a guy who put a new capacitor in it now the watch kind of works it doesn't keep the time its hard to set and its flashing charge is the watch finished ? any info would be great thanks
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