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  1. well i actually laughed out loud when i read that Its a lot more obvious now you've pointed it out to me Always "Watching" i even got the Pun
  2. wow thanks for the reply's guys, lots of great info Tourbillon, thank yo i've just read your piece on Marvin and it just about tells me everything i wanted to know about the company one thing that intrigues me is the marking on the back, can you see them, its like they have been scratched into it
  3. Hi i have a marvin watch that belonged to my grandfather, or maybe even my great grandfather could anyone give me an idea on the date or any background info at all the watch is quite plain looking and has a elasticated strap (is it original) until you take off the back off, then it shines also it looks like the winder is going rusty, is this something i should get professionally sorted? TIA
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