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  1. I have had this watch for a few years and I will not get rid its beautiful and keeps good time
  2. Hi mate I use Assetsure to insurance my watches give them a try
  3. This what I a wearing today
  4. The only thing I wear gold is my wedding ring and this 9ct gold watch it seems yellow gold is out unless its a 10ounce chaps and bling bling lol
  5. Nice mate looks in good condition for year
  6. If you don't mind if it's new there is a few on eBay uk sellers
  7. Hi mate I quite like that never seen one with a brown dial is that brass ?
  8. Thanks mate and Chuffed I am
  9. Cheers mate 9 out off 10 is good going Thanks Thanks
  10. I have been having the problem sometimes it works and other times nothing, its not just you.
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