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  1. Hi I recent joined the forum and have a in my possession an old pocket watch which has been handed down my family i have already discovered the watch is around 170 year old and the case is made by r and a, the watch has w h young inside i am hoping someone can give me some insight into the value, the origin and more detail about the maker pictures https://ibb.co/DVdWCRx https://ibb.co/30CV788 https://ibb.co/zNvwpsf thanks
  2. I’m guessing based on that the watch won’t be worth that much? doesn’t seem to be a common watch but not a huge name the watch is around 170 years old based on that information though
  3. I opened it up h young - Cambridge https://ibb.co/zNvwpsf
  4. I haven’t seen a thing on the watch it’s self but I am not keen to open it right up Incase I damage it, the watch it’s self has a key and still winds
  5. Thanks for the information, seems to relate to your linked post and site, here is the case https://ibb.co/30CV788 many thanks
  6. Hi, I am new to the forum and seeking advice, I have a picket watch in my possession, I believe it is dated sometime in the 1800’s. No markings on the watch just a mark of r&s on the case. Any advice as to the maker, date and value would be greatly approached as I have no idea https://ibb.co/DVdWCRx << picture thanks
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