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  1. Update to my previous reply. My wedding ring is platinum and I’d certainly like a Daytona to match! I’ve tried WG Daytona’s and RG. Have to say RG is the better choice
  2. Looking at a glance at that watch I’d never know the correct time with those hour & minute hands.
  3. Either watch is a great choice, although for me the Omega has the slight edge. Congratulations
  4. I wouldn’t think this could be classed as an ‘investment’. Best thing is that the relatives of the wearer have it given to them.
  5. I would feel uneasy wearing a gold watch in public, but white gold seems a better option
  6. I would take the Omega - worth seeing if you can get a discount as well
  7. I would be sceptical of any watch I had bought used regardless of where it was purchased. Tbh I would check the watch and paperwork as much as I could in store and then check it’s accuracy, functions and if in any doubt get a service and or battery change. I’m sure there’s bargains to be had, but I wouldn’t accept any ‘certificate of authenticity’ unless I went and arranged it myself
  8. My other half always seems to return home with a new handbag whenever we went to the US. I would certainly consider buying one as long as I knew it would be difficult to locate one in the UK, and worth the effort of bringing it home and paying customs
  9. and get rid of that bloody ugly hour hand. As much as I’m warming to the Tudor brand, that is the deal breaker for mr Hi Dan you seem to have the same experience as me with regards getting a submariner (don’t know which one you want, so I’ll assume a date Sub) it’s worth checking in every now and then. Interesting you mention about the briefing you’ve had. I’ve had one or two and when they talk about keeping the warranty card for twelve months, I just say I have no problem with that. When I do get the call I’ll probably say keep it for five years! I used to be a shift worker, but now I’m a carer full time so I may miss calls if I’m at a hospital, so ask for them to send me an email if I don’t pick up
  10. I’ll second Thmarch, as they have been recommended ive heard it’s essential to have a separate policy from your home insurance as it could lead to all kind of horrors if you claim for an expensive watch.
  11. Typo... factory Dont get me wrong if I happen to be near an AD I will window browse but expectation is low as they will be in the safe. In the short term I think it’s increased Rolex’s sales of TT watches but for those enthusiasts who cannot be swayed, its lost business. I would only consider a grey dealer if I wanted a timepiece which is no currently available eg. One that has the same year as child’s birthday etc. It must be soul destroying for the SA’s in AD’s taking so many enquires which is why they try to leverage the encounter to look at other models such as DJ’s. It doesn’t surprise me about the Oysters in demand as some people making a purchase with little or no planning will settle for that. Some people don’t want to leave the store empty handed.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I genuinely think this issue is definitely hurting the Rolex brand as IMO I see AD’s constantly turning away new customers who express interest in the demand pieces as they cannot differentiate between genine customers and flippers. I liken it to the rush to find a golden ticket in the willy wonka and the chocolate factor film. I mentioned this film not the 2004 version which was appalling. People are being inventive to locate any that just happen to be on display. Hence the phoning around AD’s (which is futile) to visiting every AD possible. At least there’s something to do at an airport now to find the elusive items!
  13. As much as I don’t like all these nicknames Batman, Smurf, Pepsi. As far as association goes it’s much easier to remember than 11669LB but Omegas model variations take it a step too far!
  14. Im a fan Omega and their impressive co-axial movements which apparently when servicing have less parts to replace (this is the case with the Aqua Terra model so cant comment on the Seamaster whether this is also true) Getting a discount is a very good thing to get. That said if you plan to keep it for a long time the price is irrelevant IMO. Its a great watch and im sure it will give you the taste for another quality watch in down the line
  15. Cash in on this madness...should you buy in this madness
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