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  1. Many thanks. It's on eBay now. A dealer has bid £50 but I'm going to sit it out.
  2. I have one of these with a separate mini-dial for the second-hand. It still works, keeps good time, and looks quite smart. I used it for 3 years and that apart has just been lying around. Is it worth anything? The eBay values vary greatly.
  3. Many thanks for your replies. The balance and clasp were replaced as part of the 2010 service. On checking further, it looks like the watch is a 1973 model. I can't find a facility for posting pics. I spoke to Mappin and Webb about ordering a new Explorer II and they say that there could be a 6-12 month wait because Rolex may be introducing a new model Explorer II at a watch fair/exhibition/watch trade fair, (presumably held in UK and/or Europe/Bsael) in the next 2/3 weeks. (If so, no doubt there will be a price increase; current UK cost is £6250.)Has anyone heard similar?
  4. Greetings. I am thinking of replacing my venerable Rolex Explorer II, model 1655, bought in London in 1976, with a new Explorer – though I think the face-markings on the old model are preferable. Having just found out how valuable the older watches can be, I may hang on to it – or welcome a new owner who will give it a good home. I am wondering how best to do the latter and helpful comments would be greatly appreciated. So far, dealers have given me estimates ranging from £5,000 to£17,000 subject to condition. Great. So I’m back where I started. That said, my sense is that on a good day a dealer might pay £10,000. I have no idea how much an individual would part with. As I live in Suffolk, UK, the nearer to base it is, the better. The old watch has been great, a real battle-cruiser that can tell a tale or two as well as the time. It’s done plenty of travelling, including to some dodgy parts of the world where sun-cream is at the bottom of the list when considering your health and well-being. So condition is fair, I suppose. But if a watch is going well at age 43 years, and after a major service by Rolex in Geneva in 2010 costing £860, condition might also be considered ‘good’. Original box available. As I said, helpful comments would be welcomed. Many thanks.
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