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  1. in my country, Indonesia there are many watch is built from other parts and I believe it often called franken Watch. most of them are Seiko and Orient. I myself keep a Tugaris "Silver Leaves" that I bought in December 2018 and it works great. the seller said it was from the early 1970s. Actually, both the seller and I cant identify more information on the net and the price is a kind of "agreement' rather than quantifying the value of the watch. If you have any information about the manufacturer, I Will be in debt. it looks that the bracelet is not the original and the dial has some natural rust.
  2. Hello, I'm a new forum member from Central Java, Indonesia, I Have a Tugaris watch. I bought it pre-owned from an old man. in a good condition and had it tested for a few days. the seller said it was from 1970s. At first I was not so sure because A Swiss made watch is kind of rare in our town. The type is: Silver Leaves and it has Date Just. under the logo TUGARIS it says 25 jewels the price was around $125 USD.
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