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  1. I'm happy to report that it's still keeping perfect time into the next day! We'll see how long that lasts. I put on a spare strap, and I think it's transformed it into a somewhat handsome piece. Would be nicer if the strap was actual leather, of course! Might have to see about that. I actually have another question. I know the outer ring of numbers in blue is the tachymeter (which I have now learned about). Does anyone know the point of the ring of red numbers, going from 0-20? Thanks.
  2. Hello again folks, I'm back with an update! I've just picked up the watch from my beloved local watchmaker, and it's all working perfectly again! I said to him that I really couldn't spend more than £100 (UK pounds) on it, so he worked on it for the past week and that's what he charged me. I think I got off lightly. He knew at a glance it was a Landeron movement, and all the info I gleaned from here and the wider internet was already known to him. My mum says she's not seen it running for at least 40 years. Now it's time to try out a few different straps. I'm going to carefully use it for a while before grudgingly relinquishing it to its rightful owner (my brother). Very happy.
  3. Well now, I think we're getting somewhere! I just had a very close look with my new loupe, and lo and behold, there is a marking there hidden amongst the machinery. It says "L48". So I googled that, which led me here: Landeron 48 So thanks to you too!
  4. Hi folks, belated thanks for your replies. That's a shame no-one's heard of Lovi! Oh well. It's definitely staying in the family! My brother is actually going to be receiving this from my mum - I already got my grandad's pocket watch, which I have had serviced, and wear with pride whenever I get the chance to wear my kilt! Thanks to Simon for the kind offer, but I have a watchmaker here in town who has done amazing work for me in the past. As a favour to my brother, I'll be taking this watch in so he can have a look and hopefully get it going again at a reasonable price. He's in his 80s and loves to get old watches going again, and I'm confident this will be an easy job for him (hopefully!) Thanks again!
  5. Hi folks, I hope someone out there can help! My mother has this watch that belonged to her father. She says he received it as a gift in the 1950s, so it might be older than that. Apparently he obtained it from a friend who used to travel from Perth (Scotland) to Switzerland quite often. I have not found a single mention of a "Lovi" watch anywhere on this forum or the wider internet, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about it? It's Swiss Made, presumably with a gold-plated case, 30mm dial, 17 jewels, "antimagnetic". Unfortunately it isn't working - the stem pulls all the way out, so it's going to need a visit to my local watchmaker. The inner case back has no markings and I can't make out any information on the movement. I'm not expecting it to be valuable (or particularly interesting) but evidently it was well-used by my grandfather, so I'd really appreciate if anyone can shed any light on this piece. Here are some photos: Thanks for reading. :-) Alan
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