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  1. the watch number is 11026 which i believe makes it about 1960's model the back and case have pit marks and the lense is showing signs of wear the watch runs perfectly and date is adjustable what sort of value could i put on it? any suggestions?
  2. previously entered this watch as G575 - 4010 .this was wrong ,the number is G757-4010 As previously stated watch was working but stopped so i replaced the battery.watch light comes on but watch has not started. What am i doing wrong?
  3. watch was working but then stopped .replaced battery watch light comes on but watch does not start. what am i doing wrong?
  4. i have a ladies vintage 9ct gold watch and bracelet,the watch case is a dennison 87811 or 232843 and is also stamped A-L-D the is a 15 jewel Cyma movement 424k and numbered 57544. The watch is in perfect working order. i am trying to establish the age of the watch and possibly it value. i have been in touch with the Swiss factory but their records dont go far enough back. Any info out there?
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