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  1. Thanks - just read that. The U seems to denote London, the S could well mean 1933. 1933 London - Imported Silver Case Maker - George Stockwell Sterling Silver Hafis Movement
  2. Found this on a database - all the "S" marks and years - which one do you think it is?
  3. Thanks, Zen - Not sure anyone really cares who I am. Apologies if you think I am just coming here to get information, if I'm honest, I probably am. I am just trying to do a bit of research on an old timepiece, I'm no expert and would normally have little else to contribute! There is very little information about these watches and I would simply like to speak to present the information to enthusiasts so that if and when I ever hand this down I can tell the recipient a bit more about it - as opposed to how I got it...with none. If it makes any difference, as I understand it it has been owned by my family from new, I acquired it when my mother died, and it sat in a draw since then. I have taken the back off: It would seem that it is Silver, albeit in need of a polish. Has a few repair marks. The hallmark points to George Stockwell London If any of the other marks mean anything to anyone - I would love to know!!!! It would also seem from the patent number it is a HAFIS movement - that patent number was granted I think (google) 1924. 15 Jewels... what jewels would they be!? Certainly interesting! The Hafis name was a trademark owned in the US by a firm in New York city - Which would also make sense as I have found that the GS hallmark links to an importer active as a foreign and general shipping agent in London and the 925 bit would be 1925. So it could well of originated from New York!?
  4. Afternoon all. I have had an old Bravingtons silver watch in my drawer for the last 10 years and having a bit of a tidy up came across it again. I gave it a quick wind and it still works perfectly! I wonder if any of you can colour the picture in for me. I was told it was quite old as wristwatches go as it has strap bars and no pins. You can see that the hands are cobalt blue, again I have been told this is probably original and due to pressure treatment. I just wondering if anyone could date it roughly for me...well and any other info you might be able to share. It's always been of interest to me, but I can't really find anything else like it online as a comparison. Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks Steve Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147240928@N07/
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