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  1. For comfort on the wrist I prefer a jubilee or Bond SMP style bracelet, but for aesthetics I prefer an oyster bracelet.
  2. Fine but I haven’t been able to read mine well in the middle of the night. OP will need to decide how important this is to him.
  3. That looks like dusk / shade and recently charged lume though. Try telling the time in the middle of the night. Pretty hard with skeleton hands.
  4. I’d say the SMPc but only if you don’t need or want to use the lume. The skeleton hands aren’t much use in the dark.
  5. You need to decide if you want jewellery or a ‘good’ automatic watch. At that budget IMO it is a choice between one or the other. If you buy that at £1300 and decide to sell I think you’d be lucky to get £300 back. Apart from anything else it is quite a ‘busy’ style. You’d have to be sure you really like the watch and want to keep it. For similar money look at Tag Heuer which should have the same name recognition you want.
  6. A bit Glycine Combat Sub? The hollow Mercedes hand is an interesting design.
  7. Looks great on the bracelet. Strapcode Angus?
  8. Many thanks for the detailed reply. Interesting.
  9. What are these brokers please? Grey dealers or something else? Not heard about then until today.
  10. Same thing here. No movement at all on price of new watches for me. Sometimes get freebies thrown in but that is all. I don’t know whether there is any room for negotiation on in demand watches. Personally for popular models I think anyone getting a good discount must have a connection to or relationship with the shop staff. I’m very happy to be corrected if people are just walking in and negotiating good discounts on a single purchase.
  11. Love that watch. Shame they don’t still make it (afaik).
  12. Some in EU on Chrono24. Not cheap though so probably about the same as importing from Japan.
  13. If you just are after the look rather than a ‘quality’ watch I’ve seen plenty of ‘no name’ watches like that in shops like M&S, Next, etc. (assuming you are UK based). Otherwise as already suggested Daniel Wellington.
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