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  1. If thats genuine, thats a bargain
  2. I was disappointed that the link was now £1.99 lol so i searched and found another similar tool for 99p... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metal-Adjuster-Watch-Band-Strap-Bracelet-Link-Pins-Remover-Repair-Tools-Kit/133080130650?hash=item1efc31a45a:g:jnEAAOSwUaVc~jQS and also, a 12 piece tool kit for 99p lol https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-PCS-WATCH-REPAIR-KIT-BACK-CASE-PIN-LINK-SPRING-STRAP-REMOVER-OPENER-TOOL-SET/312585008153?epid=7031625760&hash=item48c784b419:g:~uAAAOSwh0NcwXV6
  3. Personally, I prefer the Omegas. I've never been a fan of the snowflake hands
  4. That is just beautiful. You seem to have a really good eye for finding some fantastic vintage pieces
  5. Excellent find, it looks like a really nice watch.
  6. No, but only because I'd prefer a 116610LN :P
  7. When I bought my watch from The Watch Hut, they sized it for me and included the extra links.
  8. LOL I recieved a copy of Loupe and a £100 off voucher this morning
  9. I really like the them. Good looks, titanium, atomic clock, solar. There isn't much to not like.
  10. wow, i'd never noticed this before I'm with EE too. I just tried viewing the forum on my phone and had the same issue. I tried installing the Cloudfare DNS app and can view the forum on my phone again. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudflare.onedotonedotonedotone&rdid=com.cloudflare.onedotonedotonedotone
  11. It's gone. Clicking the link doesn't show any listing Ebay remoived it?
  12. ^ Was going to suggest the same, Omega or Tudor I wish Tudor would change their hands though
  13. I like their watches, but as recommended above, I'd wait for a sale
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