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  1. If thats genuine, thats a bargain
  2. I was disappointed that the link was now £1.99 lol so i searched and found another similar tool for 99p... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metal-Adjuster-Watch-Band-Strap-Bracelet-Link-Pins-Remover-Repair-Tools-Kit/133080130650?hash=item1efc31a45a:g:jnEAAOSwUaVc~jQS and also, a 12 piece tool kit for 99p lol https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-PCS-WATCH-REPAIR-KIT-BACK-CASE-PIN-LINK-SPRING-STRAP-REMOVER-OPENER-TOOL-SET/312585008153?epid=7031625760&hash=item48c784b419:g:~uAAAOSwh0NcwXV6
  3. I just ordered some cat litter.
  4. Personally, I prefer the Omegas. I've never been a fan of the snowflake hands
  5. That is just beautiful. You seem to have a really good eye for finding some fantastic vintage pieces
  6. Excellent find, it looks like a really nice watch.
  7. No, but only because I'd prefer a 116610LN :P
  8. When I bought my watch from The Watch Hut, they sized it for me and included the extra links.
  9. LOL I recieved a copy of Loupe and a £100 off voucher this morning
  10. There were no trains running, but I don't remember seeing any lines running through the monks tunnels when I was there. I was born in 76, so maybe around the late 80s early 90s I still live in Birkenhead, but it's been a few decades since I was down that way. We used to go through the argyle industrial estate and across all the derelict ground.
  11. I grew up wandering around the old railway tracks, monks tunnels and docks in Birkenhead too Good times. Swimming in the docks, fishing iin Birkenhead park, getting up to no good lol
  12. I really like the them. Good looks, titanium, atomic clock, solar. There isn't much to not like.
  13. wow, i'd never noticed this before I'm with EE too. I just tried viewing the forum on my phone and had the same issue. I tried installing the Cloudfare DNS app and can view the forum on my phone again. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudflare.onedotonedotonedotone&rdid=com.cloudflare.onedotonedotonedotone
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