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  1. You'd be better asking at one of the digital watch forums DWF (hope that's not a violation) they have tutorials on repairing modules and stuff. Might be someone there who could refurbish it. Looks well used to say the least. Good luck!
  2. The original bracelets match the watches and are becoming scarce, so personally, I'd find a original bracelet to be a significant plus., also I can't find any decent 18/19mm bracelets that don't cost more than a vintage Seiko 5 anyway.
  3. Seems it's to do with clarity (as has already been pointed out) and pressure. Another oil filled beauty here...
  4. Cool watch, but why do they fill it with oil?
  5. Looks like a variation of this fad...
  6. Yeah! I think it's not a bad watch, but the hands and indices don't really work on a chrono. You'd be better with an old quartz Seiko. I prefer the Fossil Decker personally.
  7. That Orient Star is a stunner. I was going to buy an OS a couple of years ago but got a Sarb instead. These pics are giving me some buyer's remorse.
  8. Grand Seiko Quartz with display back, truly a thing of beauty.
  9. I'm quite drawn to vintage quartz. The couple I have have nice solid well made looking movements. Quartz tech is fascinating in its own way.
  10. Many thanks! I like tghe sound of that 3D pen, I will investigate.
  11. I should know better but I just impulse bought an old Ricoh day date auto from India. It seems to be running okay and keeping reasonable time, however it was rattling about to an alarming extent, so I popped it open. The screw "holding" the rotor was loose/falling out. No problem, I tightened it back up, but it was still rattling. On further inspection the movement and dial were moving in the case, there didn't seem to be a movement holder. I wonder if it's possible to improvise a movement holder. It's a cheap and cheerful watch so I'm not bothered about doing it properly. If anyone has done this I'd be most grateful for any advice. I'm eyeing up a plastic milk bottle top at the moment. Cheers!
  12. Timex went too small with the original reissue, 34mm (I'm seeing vintage originals that are 35mm), and have gone too big at 40mm for the update. It's right up my street lookswise and if it was 36-38mm I'd buy one. I considered the small initial reissue until I saw the tiny ladies cocktail watch movement and giant plastic movement holder they put in it. Could look great on a more manly wrist than mine, though.
  13. The French have a phrase (well they would wouldn't they?) "jolie laide" that means attractive despite having ugly features.
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