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  1. Both lovely watches but I think the white dial wins this time - only just though!
  2. Debating whether to mod this fella
  3. Feel like 38mm would have been the perfect size for this.
  4. Also looking to pick up the Black Bay 36. Debating whether to buy new or wait for used one at a decent price. I hadn't noticed the crown until now.
  5. Oris for me but would depend on your wrist size as the Rado could be too small.
  6. Wheres the best place to pick an Orient up? Im after a Bambino or a Mako
  7. Does look fantastic and that's what is drawing me to the Tudors
  8. Sorry for the late reply. Any shops in particular that I should be targeting? I do agree that they are different style but the Tudor probably is a better fit for what I am looking for right now. Main reason for me wanting to switch it up is the bracelet on the SARB - I just can't get a good fit. Thank you for your thoughts. Think the 36 would be perfect on my 6.5 inch wrist as I prefer smaller watches. I am yet to try on either though so I will make my mind up on size when I do! Explorer is out of my price range at the minute but I would definitely like to own one in the future! Hoping to get the BB36 for a decent price so I can sell it on down the line without too much of a loss.
  9. My wrist is about 6.5 inch so I think it would be a perfect size for me. Do you know how much they are going for on the second hand market?
  10. Any opinions on the Black Bay 36? Currently own a SARB033 but thinking about selling it on and upgrading to the 36.
  11. I like the shade of blue but that's pretty much it..
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