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  1. I would absolutely LOVE a captain cook... Brought an Oris instead, then a d Hodge, then a Tudor, then a certina... https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://192168ll.onl/ Like I say, I simply love the CC but somehow and unintendedly an inexplicably, something else always leapfrogs it. THANKYOU!!
  2. I'm brand new to the watch owners community and to the subreddit as well. This is the first decent watch I will own and first automatic one as well. I received it as a gift from my in-laws yesterday and am a bit overwhelmed. I'm also interested what kind of caliber I am dealing with here. Rado doesn't seem very often discussed here. What are the general thoughts on the brand here? What about this particular style of watch? I have to say I really love the clean style of it and the color. I don't like too many complications but really liked the idea of including a power reserve indicator.
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