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  1. Edifice EQS-500 rb1 today. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Seiko Saturday for me. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Happy Birthday. Tissot T Race auto Ltd 2016 for me today
  4. It's a RedBull ltd edition for me today.
  5. I'm a great believer in doing myself. Do the research, purchase the right tools and parts and learn to do something new. I have changed multiple batteries on my wife's quartz collection over the years, not so many of my own but only because they are all either solar or mechanical. ( just having an issue with a Tissot at the moment that may require a trip to the stealers, but that's a different thread )
  6. HaHa I even tried to master the art of the slow mo run ............... fail !! But I did get for christmas one year the Steve Austin action fig with removable bionic inserts in the leg and arms, bionic arm lift with engine and the rocket that converted into medical unit. Wow the memories.. http://www.toysyouhad.com/Bionicman.htm
  7. @Roy many thanks for your reply. I have previously tried the method in your text and link and unfortunately they refer to the previous incarnation of the T Touch and not my model. As it shows in the video clip, on the expert solar there is a designated index in the functions for re-synchronising the hands but I can't get this to work until i can find out how to reset the watch itself. Apparently in the previous models it was a two stage process when changing the battery - 1. replace dead battery 2. synchronize. but on the latest model a 3rd step of RESET was added. Who would have expected that the simple process of changing a battery would be so difficult or as Tissot probably thought extra profit because they need to be taken to service center to be replaced and reset.
  8. @Nigelp cool avatar dude, SMDM was one of my favourite programs as a kid
  9. Hi, I have a Tissot T Touch expert solar which I have just replaced the battery after the original had died. I used the same spec Renata LMR2016 and the unit powered up but the screen displayed 'rESEt'. I pressed the T button and was able to set the time but was unable to sync the time with the hands and other functions like the compass were not functioning. I removed the battery again and have left the 'rESEt' on the display but cannot find any information on the reset procedure for this model, there's plenty of info on the other T Touch models but not for the expert solar. Can anybody shed some light on this for me before I resort to sending it off for ££££££ service with a Tissot dealers. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, just signed up and thought i'd say hello before I start asking for help and guidance. I got a couple of timepieces in my collection, a couple of casio's I wear for work, ProTrek PRG240 and a Stainless steel solar waveceptor. A Casio Red Bull Edifice EQS-A500RB, A couple of Tissot's - T Touch Expert solar and a T-Race Moto GP automatic ltd edition. Finally a Seiko Astron SSE110j1. I really enjoy the style and aesthetics of different styles and brands and i'm sure there is another piece just waiting to lure me in and empty my wallet.
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