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  1. Thanks stdape Its a movement very similar to a Bayard 8 Day Carriage Clock
  2. Hi ALL, I have just started to restore a carriage clock. Its back together and working, But the screws are worn out and rusty. It has 5 glass panels with some damage to 2 of them. Does any one here know where i can get replacement screws and maybe new/ replacement bevelled glass panels? Front panel & Right panel
  3. JThing

    Ronda 1223

    Found issue with crown thread.
  4. JThing

    Ronda 1223

    Found the part number. ronda 7401 alarm winding stem
  5. JThing

    Ronda 1223

    Hi All I'm new here. I'm looking for an Alarm Stem & Crown for a Ronda 1223 (Memocall)
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