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  1. Really like this! Could I ask where you got the mesh bracelet? Thanks!
  2. Check out eBay. Picked mine up new for around 200 shipped.
  3. Yes i saw that. Thanks. I was after one of the vintage style ones which i can only find on Gnomon
  4. Hi all, I've been lurking for a while and this is my first post. Great forum! I wondered if anyone has had any recent experience of ordering from Gnomon in the UK? I ordered a Squale 1545 from them about a month ago and it was refused by UK customs and returned to them in Singapore. UK customs advised through DHL that they had been banned from sending stuff into the UK! Luckily I paid by PayPal and i received a full refund. Gnomon have since assured me they have resolved the issue (i believe probably related to them undervaluing the package and annoying UK customs!) Anyway, anyone had any recent experiences with them? I'm still keen on the Squale and cant find it anywhere else Cheers
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