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  1. Thanks for all this Ricoh info. The rising prices of 70's/80'a seiko & citizen started me looking for other makes & ricoh appeared! The quality of the early riquartz movements is obvious when looking at the jeweled movements & that most are still running strong after 40+ yrs. Just acquired a riquartz 632, like the black-faced one above from Johnbaz. Two hands, button-set. 7j & a date code of 798, so I'm guessing Aug '79. Nice thin watch & interesting movement and only just rescued as prev owner had left it dead for some time & the old renata 397 battery had just began to leak. No second hand & the minute hand moves every 10 secs, quite neat. Setting this watch is unusual, not the fast set & slow set from the single button, but after the last button press, there is a whole minute delay before anything happens. As a new watch to me, I thought it was dead after setting the time, but this appears to be a 'feature' of this movement!
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