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  1. Thanks for the welcomes I'm afraid I'm a bit of a floosy I have a couple of solars, quartz and autos in equal amounts and a hand winder,plus three pocket watches, a watch that goes backwards and watch/cufflinks! Yes it's amazing, how many people are unaware that it's a retro-chronograph and people are selling them with the second hand at the top of the dial not properly set up. I was looking for a swatch ,as I'm looking to collect at the lower end of the market, and I didn't want a system 51, but happily found this mislabeled "Cold hours" retro so I'm looking to go crosseyed wearing one on each wrist as they flyback in opposite directions ( My Tissot is in for service) https://picr.me/image/V1oc6R
  2. Hi Newby here does anyone have any idea how to reprogramme a Tx timex 300 perpetual calendar?
  3. Just thought I would introduce my self, I started collecting watches Oct 2018 because I had finished a career where anything beyond a seiko 5 was to valuable to risk! now I have upwards of 40!!!! everything from Brietlings and Bremonts to vostok and timex ,automatic or quartz it matters not to me I even have two wooden watches though one is a work in progress. I look forward to discussing this mad wonderful world of watches with fellow addicts, a few pics to get started. https://picr.me/image/7RRMI https://picr.me/image/MbDQD https://picr.me/image/3Wxy2 Apologies the second pic is a stock pic my watch is on the left. I think I need a lesson on pic insertion ( could have phrased that better)
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