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  1. I know where you're coming from haha, hopefully you won't be there long. Just purchased a new tag, already looking at other watches i don't have the money for. The misses is going mad! Would love a jaeger for my 40th
  2. I looked at all these brands except the epos and couldn't find what i was looking for in terms of style. I tried on the tissot but no matter how much i wanted to WANT the tissot, the tag stole my heart. Did not buy for resale value either as i have no intentions of selling. I've not neglected Japanese made movements, my last watch happened to be one. My next watch may well be, as i know they are good movements. Seiko and citizen spring to mind but in this circumstance i wanted a swiss.
  3. Hi guys, just an update: I went to goldsmiths and tried all but the rolex on. I ended up buying the tag, they offered me 10% off if i bought it outright. Here's how i felt for those interested. The tissot felt cheap, wasnt keen on the design or the bracelet. Wife wasn't keen either The tag just spoke to me. Love the weight/balance/feel of this watch. Size, everything. I have no regrets having bought it. And i love the simplicity of the design. The omega de ville was a beauty, but felt small and very smart - didnt think i pull it off on casual wear. The omega aqua terra, was another beauty, but i wasnt keen on the hands (i liked the older version of this watch). By the time i looked at the rolex i had already set my heart on the tag so couldn't really comment too much on it, other than it looked like a beautiful watch. I decided the tag, its at a price i can afford, whereas if i bought the rolex or omega de terra id be conscious that i could have paid to have lasik eye surgery (my next big buy one day). Maybe a rolex or omega one day but not right now. Thanks
  4. I live near sheffield and i believe there's one nearby in meadow hall, i will probably take a look. A rolex would be amazing but i dont think I'm quite there yet... Unless i can wait a year or so before i buy one haha
  5. Thanks for your input guys it is much appreciated. How do i go about getting this? I looked at their online store and the price is the same. Is it a case of haggling (which I'm happy to do lol) at their store in person? Will they really go as low as 40% off? Cheers
  6. Hi guys. I've recently developed a full blown watch obsession and whilst i have been reading/researching on the net, i have to admit i could do with some help. I currently own several quartz and one automatic (fossil), not including my jaeger vintage pocket watch. My next buy i wanted to be a swiss made automatic. I've picked out 4 and wanted to know people's thoughts on these watches and if they are worth the money. 1 - tossot pr100 powermatic 80, blue dial. £475. I recently saw the quartz version and it didnt feel as heavy or as nice as i thought it would for the price (i have a £200 diesel that feels loads better) 2 - TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE 5 MENS 41MM AUTOMATIC DAY-DATE WATCH - blue dial. Looks really nice, but £2000 for a tag? Which made me think of number 3 3 - omega, de ville, blue dial £2550. But only 3atm for the price puts me off. 3/a - omega seamaster aqua terra blue dial £4000. Love this watch but i can by a rolex for similar price (what do i do) 4 - rolex oyster perpetual £4300, chanoagne coloured dial. I wanted the watch to look dress smart and that ruled out omega seamaster for me which was £2500. Cliffs, which watch is best value for money, best investment, best build etc, looks best? Tissot Tag Omega de ville Omega seamaster Rolex Thanks
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