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  1. Thanks for the welcome! No plans of selling this watch ever, it will stay in the family as long as I'm around. I inherited it from my grandfather who inherited it from his father or grandfather. By hallmark I assume you mean a stamp inside the watch when opened to expose the movement, and not the shield stating 14k inside the watch case, correct? I am fairly certain the number below states 726020 but have no idea what it means. Will get on trying to find a safe way to have the watch opened and photos sent for this thread.
  2. Greetings all, My great-grandfather or great great-grandfather, we are at this time not sure which one, bought himself a gold watch on a business trip to continental Europe. This would been between around 1860 at the very earliest or around the first world war at the absolutely latest, depending who did the trip. Since my grandparents passing me or my mother have been unable to verify the details. I would like any help in identifying the watch, any information is welcome. I believe it might be Swiss, and it is made of 14k gold. I am for now unable to provide a photo of the movement since my mom who currently has the watch back home in Norway is not qualified to safely open it and I am currently an ocean away. Supposedly it still works fine. Thank you for any assistance! O. Iversen Forgot to add; higher resolution of the photos
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