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  1. Hi Nigel I usually give mine about 25 winds a day then just feel for the resistance tightening as it comes up to fully wound, mines been going well now since the mid seventies. Enjoy
  2. Thanks @vinn Acetone is readily available for me so I'll give that a go once I strip it out of the case, as I really would like to sort this and make sure its really clean before I start re-assembly and lubrication. I remember working with a lot of those banned substances in the past some were really nasty.
  3. Thanks @scottswatches for the info on the liquid gasket, does that stuff set hard ? and is there a solvent that will soften it to minmise damage / scratches to the case & works. This black stuff is set like concrete. Is there an "O"ring or gasket normally fitted at the case to back joint on waterproof watches, and are they just sourced by size ? The ranfft info will come in very handy and I have the site book marked for future info research. I will take your advice on the glasses & gaskets for the watches as it makes good sense, like the crown & stem you advised previously. Thanks @vinn I'm in the process of tracking down a copy at a reasonable cost ( doesn't seem to be available for download ).
  4. Having opened the back of a not working watch I have aquired ( Roamer Vanguard 303 ) I have found this mess, looks like the seal / gasket has disintegrated / melted and is everywhere. I have several questions as i will obviously need to dismantle the whole thing. Roamer Vanguard 303 All stainless steel Model 802 - 5120.303 Case number inside back 311802 1. Does the movement come out of the back just by removing the stem / winder & case screws 2. What is the best way to release the power without doing damage as the mainspring appears to be fully wound 3. I have found a gasket on the parts list on cousins site case number 311802 part number x9310 but am unsure if this is the rear case gasket or the gasket for the glass can anyone offer any guidance. If this isnt the correct gasket how are they sized, just by dimensions ? 4. Has anyone come across this sort of mess before and what is the best way to remove it other than just scraping it off
  5. Thanks @WRENCH and @gimli I'll see how bad it actually is when it arrives. I was actually thinking more of in general terms of any watch as a whole, as to what is acceptable, cleaning & repairs to cosmetics rather than replacement to make it look more like new. Is there a general rule of thumb for this sort of thing or does it just come down to personal preference ?
  6. I have a 50's watch with a scratched glass on its way, looking for insight into whether or not its best to just clean up the watch to preserve its originality or to replace any visually worn parts rather than keeping worn original parts. How does each approach affect appeal / resale value ect. what would you guys do ? And how far would you go ? Both pics are of the same watch just lit differently.
  7. Today's watch is new to me and of course needed a longer strap. I'll do some digging on age etc and update later
  8. I picked up a few NOS Smiths / Ingersol / Services pocketwatch hairsprings a few weeks ago, if you cover the post I stick one in the post.
  9. Must say I like that too
  10. Not usually my style ........... But, that has something Special, I really like that it looks great
  11. Very clean look, like @RoddyJB Just pop one of each in the post and I'll road test em for you. Good Luck with the new edition.
  12. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes, I hate when that happens.
  13. Thanks for sharing, a very interesting and useful resource
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