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  1. Here’s my G-Shock. Must be at least 20 years old!
  2. Registering my recently resurrected piece
  3. The quality really is astounding.
  4. No club for this brand so thought I’d start one. Just recently bought by first piece from @scottswatches My Altiplano in 18k white gold.
  5. Just wanted to update this thread and give massive thanks to kevkojak for getting the old girl back up and running. Cheers, Dan
  6. Hi Kev, That single small link on the right looks exactly the same? PM some details and we can take it from there. Cheers, Dan
  7. Hi Kev, That is fantastic! Providing something can be done with the bracelet, I’ll gladly send this up to you. Re the measurements - Lug width is 14 mm Links are just under 20mm total width and 14mm gap. Thickness of links is 2.5mm. Not sure if it came across in my earlier message but the bracelet as it stands is too small so would need extra links to give a longer bracelet or a complete replacement bracelet/strap. Cheers, Dan
  8. Top man! I’ll drop you a PM OThis is what I have to work with!
  9. Not a perfect match by any stretch of the imagination but it can now be worn! I had to get a bit creative as the lug width was slightly too narrow. Trimmed a little of the width and had to adjust the angle slightly but it will do for now.
  10. Thanks for that, I’ve emailed Casio so will see what they come back with. A good friend of mines father used to work for Casio and that’s where I got the watch, would have been late 90’s I guess. In the meantime I’ve grabbed one of these - https://www.watchbattery.co.uk/shop/products/WSCS-10466472.shtml The internal lug width matches and opens up to a similar size so thought it would be worth a shot at £20.
  11. Digging through the depths of my meagre watch collection I found this old Casio from the 90s - Obviously the hilarious strap should not be there! Any ideas where a suitable strap could be sourced from? I’ve tried the obvious google hits but no joy. It has a very small lug width of 12mm but the shoulders flare out to 22mm. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dan
  12. Already ordered the Bergeon set but thanks anyway!
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