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  1. I’ve got a Seiko kinetic 5M62-0B00 that I’ve cleaned up and fitted a new capacitor to. It’s an ok watch but needs a new crystal, I’ve searched online and haven’t been able to find one. Has anyone got any ideas where to find one or what size I should be looking for? I’ve tried measuring it with callipers and looks about 28.7mm but I’m not too confident about that.
  2. You can buy small pin vices for just a few pounds off eBay and Amazon
  3. I’ve bought an Omega Seamaster st.166.0174 cal.1022, setting the date was fine but when I tried setting the time the hands moved at first and then the crown started slipping and I could hear a clicking noise. I’ve had it apart and looked at the keyless works and everything seems to be in order, has anyone experienced the same problem or have any idea what’s up with it?
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