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  1. Thanks, the Design is much my style I have a handful of designs similar to this concept. B2 is a bit more clever styling but yeah the Stencil style font is much my style as it reflects some of the military stylings.
  2. I am ex-USAF veteran and developed Mitchell Timepieces through my passion for watches and military aircraft. We label ourselves as a Pilot brand – taking design cues from both modern and historic military aircraft. What makes us different? Mitchell Timepieces didn’t start because someoneprovided me with a business loan, or grant, I started designing watches and buying parts until I had a watch that I thought was something unique and desirable. I want my timepieces to be a tribute, not only to the men and women in the USAF that I served with, but in the bigger picture – men and women that stand up and say“Yes I will risk my life for a greater cause.” I am honouring them whether they are in USA, UK or Australia etc. Our goal is to be a very exclusive brand, producing excellent watches of short runs of between 10 to 50 pieces. This allows us to have complete control over all aspects of production and quality control. When I ship out a Mitchell Timepiece, I am putting my name on it. Each watch is designed and assembled in the United States using high quality watch movements and components. I want you, our customers, to feel as proud to own a Mitchell Timepiece as we are to produce them. Warthog Indiegogo link: https://igg.me/at/Mitchelltimepieces/x/20674763 The Warthog is our latest timepiece, named after the A-10 Thunderbolt – affectionally known as the ‘Warthog’ due to its endearing looks. Anyone who has ever seen the Warthog in action knows how ‘in your face’ anddevasting a fighting vehicle it is – something that you’d never forget. Hence, I chose a large diameter case – with an emblem of the Warthog at the 10 position and a sub- second dial to represent the Gau-8 Avenger. I chose a slow-beat swiss movement –as sure, the Warthog is not the fastest plane – but it’s as reliable as hell and willcarry on regardless of whatever is thrown at it. The full Specs are: 44mm diameter 316L Stainless Steel Case Domed Sapphire Crystal with AR coating Manual Wind Eta 6498 Luminous dial and hands Lug width 22mm With each watch you will get a: Hand Made leather straps in pilot style Hand Made Watch rolls made from waxed canvas The options you have for the Warthog are: Strap – Brown or Black leather strap Seconds Hand – Green, White, Orange, Yellow or Red Case – Brushed SS or PVD black * PVD Models do not have a riveted strap option at this time. I know Mitchell Timepieces isn’t for everyone and I’m not trying to compete with the other Microbrands. I just want to produce timepieces that I find are interesting and I hope others will too.
  3. Mitchell Timepieces are created from the passion for watches and military planes. Having serviced in the airforce myself, I wanted to honor the men and women and commemorate the planes with serviced and supports. I try to be aspects of the past and present into my designs. I have made a couple models that are extremely limited and hope the Warthog becomes more of a small batch production. It is a 44mm Pilot style watch in brush stainless steel with option PVD coating. Sapphire Dome crystal with AR coating. Uses an Eta 6498 movement with large sword hands for easy legibility in both day and night time conditions. Each watch comes with a hand crafted leather strap in a pilot style as a hand made watch roll.
  4. I am starting my first indiegogo. There no fancy production video. I took the pictures myself. It’s all about the watch. I am a zero capital startup with desire to make quality watches with quality parts. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a10-warthog-inspired-pilot-watch/coming_soon/x/20674763?fbclid=IwAR2ffSTw1o_fCIWhoyMRm9ZAMSzFDWXZ7ZALS56sNiVi1zE6_HKgK1cUhvo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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