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  1. https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/elgin/616679/9 This is a lady's watch, so the initials rather belong to some of Your grand-grandmothers...
  2. I see… I just thought You have a T model and it can’t stat because of bad ignition contacts…
  3. Get some relay with similar size of contact buds. Take the silver buds out and solder them with soft solder on place , then file the surface to make it plain... If no relays near, go to a silversmith and tell him to drow some silver wire with proper diameter, then cut several slices of this wire and here are the contacts...
  4. Hi, Just try harder, don't mind that the stem will change it's position. Tis is normal, not an isue
  5. Hi Ron, Obviously, the spring is a little thicker than it should. Take a piece of 1000 grit sanding paper, fold it by two with the sanding surface inside, and squeezing it between fingers, move it up and down along the whole length of the spring. The upper part of the spring should be hanged somewhere, the downer part gently pulled with the other hand to keep the spring straight. The idea is to make the spring a little thinner, uniformly in the whole length of it. Do it little by little and test the result, be sure not to make the clock go two slow.
  6. Hi Charlie, Yes, for example here But, I am not sure if this platform is actually proper for the clock. As i said, it depends on the modules of teeth of platform pinion and the wheel on the clock - they must be equal.
  7. Hi Charly, Yes, the platform (platform escapement) is that rectangular thing... It is from Smiths english clock. I have only 2 books in English, they are here. Hope that reading will clear things.
  8. Hi Ben, I can onlu say that this is a contemporary watch, the movement inside is small, 'wrist' and with center second hand. If You open the back cover and show a picture of the movement, we will be able to tell something more...
  9. Hi Charly, I guess You first need to read some books before trying to do something with the watch, just to understand how it works… There are 3 big elephants in the room, that You don’t seem to notice! The first one is the hairspring. No watch will work with such bed damaged hairspring. It still can be restored, but some practice and skills are needed… The second… What You describe to happen is because the guard pin doesn’t collaborate with guard roller as it should. On the picture 3 it is seen that the pin is bent alot, but there might be more reasons. You first ha
  10. jsud2002, I guess this crystal is actually acrilic. If so, all You need to do is remove scratches by sanding with wet sanding paper 1000 and 2000 and then polish the surface with some wool cloth and polisning pase
  11. This is what I used to call my workshop 5 years ago. Now things are more serious… This is disease that will never improve. So, be careful! Have in mind that £50 watch may need £200 for repair, and after that it’s price will be £50 again. Watches with broken balance pivot will usually work in only one position – face up or down. So, if the watch runs in all position but one – face up or down, then it might be something else – bent Breguet hairspring, broken end stone… But there are exceptions. As one that constantly restores old watch movements, I consider a broken balance
  12. Hi David, If You want answer to You questions, then take off the hands and remove the dial. Make photos and show them here. And, make a video when chiming goes, if possible. The dial that reads up to 30, is it possible that actually reads to 31?
  13. Hi, OK, I still am not sure what exactly You did, may be due to my bad English… I will try to explain it another way. The cannon pinion must stay still on the pin. When moving hands, it must turn together with the pin. So the pinion is tapered very hard on the pin, and it is not easy to take it out when disassembling, and, it is hard to put it back on place when assembling. If You enlarged the hole of the cannon pinion, so it can turn on the pin and the pin stays still, this is wrong. As the hand stays on the pin, but not on the cannon pinion, the hand will not mo
  14. Hi, It is better to show pictures when asking. Now I am not sure what type is the watch – key wound or keyless… No mater, if all parts are original to the watch, then You need to put the movement on the staking set with the head of the pin down on anvil with no hole and put a punch with flat head with a hole on the canon pinion, then hummer the punch so cannon pinion goes down on the pin. This is a common mistake – people think that the friction should be between pin and hole in the center wheel. So they bend the pin or try to make it wider somehow… No, actually the fri
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