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Community Answers

  1. Hi Rich, This is a modern clock, and most probably that there are two cheap quartz movements there, one for each dial... In this case, no synch at all.
  2. I can't understand from the pict where exactly is the snapped part. If only the old stem has snapped, and the tube can be presset in the crown again, then no problem at all - the broken bit inside the tube shows enough and will unscrew for sure. But heat must be aplied together with unscrew attempting, as the stem has been glued with thread fixer. If the tube has snapped off the crown, then the crown has to be replaced. In this case I will reccomend regular, not screw down crown to be used. Tube for the new crown must be fitted to the case and this means some lathe work, but this will ensure water tight case, which is verry important for a wristwatch in modern times...
  3. OK, i watched it, but didn't see any repair there. You just took out the balance and put it back and that's all. Note that if what You described like 'The balance jewel had been knocked out of the pallet fork' has happend once, it will keep happening again and again, untill the reason for that is found and rectified... You must check the interaction of the protection roller and the spear of the fork.
  4. There is a hallmark on the balance bridge and it belongs to Longines, without any doubt
  5. '8 days' just means that the movement will work for at least 8 days from a full winding. It is normally to wind this kind of movement once a week, e.g. in Sunday. Many manufacturers made 8 days movements.
  6. Looks pritty much like quality Lecoultre movement or ebaushe, about 1900 or little earlier. But no one can tell for sure, unless maker's mark is found under the dial or drum bridge. This architecture of bridges at that time was used by almoust all manufactures
  7. Miyota CP10 actually has crown, it is located at 4 o'clock. What You describeded as pusher, is the crown... Pull it out and turn it!
  8. Hi Jon, A picture of the movement is needed to identify it. Just upload picts on some hosting site and paste links here.
  9. If this is Your watch, then You need a spring with sizes 0.19 X 1,7 X 430 mm. Go to cousins.uk and check there, probably they will have. Regard that the drum end hook can be different, so get the right one. If You have the old original spring, You can measure it's sizes, in case the calibre is different.
  10. Hi there, You probably talking abour Raketa 2609HA... Firs of all, there is no any shock systems on the escape wheels. There is only cap jewel there and the spring is holding it tight and doesn't let it move when shock... How to remove the spring: Use sharp needle to move a litle towards the centre the middle part of the spring and lift it. If You try to lift ehds of the spring, they will break for sure.
  11. Yes, this is truth. But, this is the same like 'a good watchmaker could make a new movement'. And some of them really can. Go and show to a silversmith a case for this kind of watch and then ask him, if he knows how to do it and soon You wil understand that this is well forgotten skill... In my country a few silversmiths has tried by 3D modelling and casting, but the result is really bad ahd has nothing with the original case...
  12. Here You can find what You ask for... http://forum.watch.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=2655614&d=1564118874
  13. No, this is not the case... What seems like lever is simply the spring that opens the front cover. There are hinged back cover and dust cower, they will open with the aid of the nail or knive. The ring which holds the glass is missing.
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