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  1. Advice please re Seamaster I am new to the automatic quality watch world, but delighted with my purchase just three days ago, of a brand new Seamaster 21230412003001, which I purchased from an AD. I wonder if you could advise on the following: 1. How accurate should the watch be? so far it appears to be gaining around 12 seconds over a 24 hour period? 2. Although I take my watch off at night, it had been warn all day yesterday, it stopped at 5.45am this morning. Why would that be when I thought the watch had a long reserve time? 3. The manual does not mention manual winding for this particular calibre for some reason. Any advice please and could that be my problem re accuracy and watch stopping? 4. Does the way a watch is rested have an impact on its accuracy? 4. Useful information to anyone testing out Goldsmith's price promise - their price promise is not honoured - I managed to acquire the watch for a whopping £250 less than Goldsmith's supposed 30% discounted price and they wouldn't budge despite me providing the detailed of the competitor (another high street supplier). Although I have purchased from Golsmith's before I wouldn't touch them now that they fail to adhere to their promises. They quite rudely advised me to go ahead and purchase elsewhere, without coming anywhere near the price quoted. I look forward to receiving advise in due course.
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