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  1. They've been discontinued, right? I wonder if Seiko will replace them with a newer model, like they seem to be doing with the SARB017?
  2. ...and likely old Omegas. ... I think it looks fine, 40 mm is a good size, but that big PRESAGE logo brings it down a bit.
  3. I like their old military inspired quartz watches, like the type Demineur and Marine, but those big square things they seem to exclusively focus on these days are definitely an acquired taste.
  4. Quartz, with solar powered batteries, atomic time synchronization, tons of time zones and so on.
  5. Does anyone own, or used to own this watch? I think it looks really smart, is well sized and has a cool contrast with all those high tech functions hidden in a super clean package. I've been close to getting it several times, but the integrated bracelet and the import charges from Japan (which makes it fairly pricey in its segment) have so far held me off. Any opinions, or experiences from having owned it?
  6. Is it just me or do the crowns look massive? Especially on the bottom right one.
  7. Also, you're much less likely to be ripped off as a seller than as a buyer. Just read up on existing scam tactics and take precautions against them and you should be all clear. I've personally been scammed (mainly due to lack of experience, both times could easily have been avoided) as a buyer once or twice, but I've never even had a bad experience while selling on Ebay. ...then again, absolutely nothing wrong with selling on here either, and you wouldn't need to pay any fees!
  8. That one (although I agree it's a nice beater and little more, even the list price is kind if steep) and the limited white automatic Peanuts-collaboration.
  9. The two Timex models I've been interested in aren't in stock either...
  10. What's the water resistance on the Timex?
  11. Hijacking this thread for some more advice: My 6309-7040 "went dead" this morning and won't start ticking again. Is this something easily fixed if I bring it in to a watchmaker for a service?
  12. If vintage is an option I think the Seiko 6138-8020 is one of the coolest watches around, but you do run a risk of getting one with AM parts.
  13. Currently at four but slowly working my way down towards two... The only question is if I'll allow myself a tiny G-Shock collection on the side of those two (as I said before, you have to be allowed to have a few G-Shocks, right?), or if I'm going really slim and make one of the two main watches a beater and call it a day.
  14. Very reminiscent of modern Longines Conquest, which in my book is a good thing.
  15. They're both nice retro-inspired designs, but maybe the Longines early to mid-century look will be a bit harder to match stuff with than the Heuer? I'd also say that the Heuer looks a bit more built for purpose.
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