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  1. Hey! Thanks for all the response. I have decided to stick with the Seiko 5. Orient 3 star was a bit cheaper, however didn't have that cool (in my opinion) transparent back. Probably going to buy a Vostok also sometime soon, after a G-Shock (probably the sleek looking GD-400)
  2. Sorry, my fault here, I'm from Eastern Europe, should convert to Euros, used dollars instead as most of eBay sellers and international stores use this as the default currency (don't really know any reputable European online watch stores). But I will definitely check Creation watches out, I think that waiting a few weeks for that price might not be that bad. Thanks for suggestions.
  3. Hi! First of all, I'm new to this forum, so this is my first post. Recently I wanted to get a new watch, so started exploring online stores, forums and YouTube channels dedicated to watches, found out that Seiko 5 would be the best choice in this price group under 100 bucks (Problem is that I couldn't find the Seiko with delivery from Europe, ones from Asia would take several weeks). I also really liked the Luch designs (downside is that they are manual-winding) and Vostok Amphibia (I heard that they just don't keep the time too well). What are some other solid pieces you could recommend me getting under 100$? Mechanical movement would be the main priority, however some decent quartz is ok too, Also 'Swiss made' or 'Japanese made' on the dial would be also nice.
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