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  1. Something about the diamonds and modern style of the Rado really appeal to me but equally the Oris is great. I think it will be a case of trying them both on! I definitely feel like a black face or navy blue will be my choice whatever I go for. Really appreciate all the comments by the way!
  2. I've definitely been swayed away from Gucci - with very reasonable explanations. https://www.fraserhart.co.uk/rado-centrix-men-s-automatic-diamond-dial-two-tone-bracelet-watch.html https://www.fraserhart.co.uk/oris-artelier-date-men-s-automatic-stainless-steel-watch.html The above are the two watches I'm now deliberating between. Not sure how they match your taste!
  3. So after deliberation, I'm stuck between a Rado Centrix Automatic with diamonds black/silver, or the Oris Artelier Date black/silver. Feel like I've come a long way from Gucci!
  4. Yeah I like a lot of the Longines ones. How does Rado compare to them are they good quality watches or not in the same league?
  5. Sorry that was meant to say Longines, Oris and Rado!!
  6. You're all persuading me! So if not Gucci and I go with the recommendation of better brands - which brand is best? Currently on my list of watches I like are Logines, Rado and Gucci. How do these compare?
  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone. In terms of design I do quite like it, maybe it's my youthfulness who knows! I completely get the idea of a being a fashion watch as opposed to a quality Swiss watch. I'm just trying to discern whether as a first watch the benefit of a brand I know well and like outweighs its lack of prowess as a watch. The other brands I've seen watches within price I like are Rado and Longines. I don't know how these compare in terms of quality? As you can tell I'm new to watches but I'm hoping to get into it as I get older! These are some ideas -
  8. I'm looking at getting my first watch and just wanted some opinions. I'm quite young which is why Gucci is an appealing brand to me, especially as friends who know less about watches will recognise it. I know there are brands at a similar price range such as Longines, but I would rather save these for later watches if possible. This watch is at the upper end of Gucci and I can get it for around £1300 new. It is Swiss made with automatic movement and a silver guilloché dial. My main question is - is this still a good quality watch of good materials and craftsmanship so that I'm not just paying for the brand? Is it a good purchase for the money as a first watch given my age? https://www.gucci.com/uk/en_gb/pr/jewelry-watches/watches/for-men/eryx-watch-40mm-p-532538I16001402?position=2&listName=ProductGrid&categoryPath=Jewelry-Watches/Watches/For-Men
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