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  1. Thank you very much. I'll start to post pictures, then. How can I download the pcis directly within the forum, without linking to other sites?
  2. The information you posted is pure gold, since there's around the wrong idea that "Expensive brand = Good quality" - that's not true for many Chinese brands. Primary examples being Empress and Reef Tiger.
  3. I'm a collector of...crap. I like to have a lot of good looking but cheap watches to choose from, I wear two or even three different watches every day. My collection is composed mostly by crap, but it's very good looking for those who aren't experts: Auriol (LIDL brand) - 2 pieces Burei Bergmann - 2 pieces Casio - 4 pieces Longbo - 2 pieces Lucien Piccard - 3 pieces Megalith Reginald Ruimas Seiko - 2 pieces Skmei - 5 pieces Skone Soki - 2 pieces Synoke - 2 pieces Yazole - 4 pieces All the above are quartz, then I have few automatic and purely manual watches: IHI (chinese automatic, surprisingly good working) Seiko 5 - 2 different - no need to comment, everybody knows the model Shanhuang (chinese, pure crap, doesn't keep time, manual winding)
  4. Hello I would like to have your opinion about those deals: Megalith - that's a brand that is not white listed nor blacklisted - I bought a Megalith Rolex homage, imported quartz movement (so, japanese), fake gold, crystals, for 32 euro. Bergmann: blacklisted and widely regarded as a scam. I bought two: Miyota quartz movement, paid 15 euro for each one. It seems to me that they're unlikely to be overpriced at 15 euro, given the two years warranty and the Miyota quartz movement (the movement alone costs about 4 euro). Thank you very much.
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