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  1. Really good to know about this guy, got to be cheaper than sending back to Japan. He seems the business!
  2. I think in the case of very rare vintage watches that are more or less unobtainable then a homage is a good substitute for somebody who likes that particular model. Don’t see a problem as long as they’re not an exact copy
  3. I quite like it, although I have to agree that the text at 6 is unnecessary. I don’t mind the Christopher Ward branding that much but a smaller CW or similar would be better.
  4. Black for me but both very nice.
  5. Certainly looks busy but is the GTR not similar in that it has loads of gauges on the dash?
  6. That certainly is nice. I haven't paid much attention to Bremont in the past but if they have more along these lines I might be more interested in them.
  7. cosmic55


    Thought I'd better say hello, New here, and liking the forum so far, plenty of content that interests me. I'm from the North East of England and mainly into vintage dress, military and divers watches among others. Not really a collector as such, I currently have a 1972 Seiko pepsi Pogue, 1984 Tudor 76100 Sub, 1959 Smiths Deluxe A456 and a modern Timex field watch beater.
  8. I like older Rolex models but the whole market for the sports models just seems crazy and so hyped up. Not unlike the modern S/S sports market. I quite like the older understated models, my dad has a 1970 oyster perpetual stainless steel, silver baton dial, no date and I think its timeless.
  9. Disappointing! Really nice watch for the money though. Certina seem relatively unknown in the UK for some reason. I see that as a positive mind!
  10. Both really nice, I like the blue hands on the AM
  11. I quite like the smaller size, closer to the original. Is yours the sapphire version?
  12. Yes that's the one. Very like the PRS-29A which is what I was originally looking for. From what I can tell there were less than 300 made so quite rare. No recent sales on ebay and I found a couple that were sold a long time ago for significantly less but that doesn't give an accurate idea of price. The price is only slightly less than the new ones you have seen although it's manual wound. Currently weighing up between the 53 and another watch and struggling to decide!
  13. I have the offer of a Precista PRS-53 which I am tempted by. The only problem is value. I have no idea what a fair price is. Any thoughts?? Wheree do you find these? Timefactors forum? Seagull movement looks impressive
  14. My 1st Smiths, 1959 A456 Everest Range Deluxe
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