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  1. Seems i can't find the right spare-part number for Timex SSQ (Marathon M286?) http://www.digital-watch.com/DWL/1work/timex-marathon. I'm not even sure if it's called "calibre", "module" or "movement". Anyone point me in the right direction? Tnx!
  2. Lol, i'll rather look out if a brand like Casio will release an affordable digital lcd retro style watch
  3. Yes, the pictures were only to highlight. The left one was made for JPL to monitor the Spirit and Opportunity Rovers, 24 hours, 39 minutes a day., made by watchmaker Garo Anserlian of Executive Jewelers ; de right one is a Polanti watch a €1000,- each. And than there is also this other out of my reach stunning Cyrus MARS themed watch: i think it's beautifull!
  4. CASIO possesses a history and a heritage role of bringing SPACE-themed watches on the market such as the CASIO MOON GRAPH GMW_15, GMW 61 and GMW 62. And than there is also the beautiful CASIO COSMO PHASE CGW 500, CGW 50 and CGW 90. I would love to see CASIO to jump in the current Space X Starship / NASA Orion SLS / Blue Origin's dynamic momentum releasing a MARS-themed watch. A display offering the time/day/calendar on Earth and time/sol/Martian calendar on Mars simultaneously as well as a moon graph for Earth and Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos. Maybe as an anticipation a Mission to Mars feature could be integrated following the upcoming journey in the near future. I know there are already Mars-themed watches on the market, but they are for the rich or rudimentary poorly (my taste of course) designed. In my opinion CASIO is the designated watch-maker to develop and bringing a MARS-themed watch for the masses that can pull it off. What about it? Am i the only one? Are there upcoming affordable alternatives? Other watch makers i am not aware of? Wich features must it have i did not mention? Looking forward for your input!
  5. Do new LCD module replacement exist? I saw a website - strikesandspares - that provides new LED modules for old LED watches. So i was wondering if the same goes for LCD watches. Or are LED and LCD modules interchangeable? Thinking about it: can a LED module be placed in a watch-case that was meant for LCD?
  6. Tnx! It's target is LED, not LCD, but i'm going to contact them, maybe they can point me in the right direction.
  7. Thank for your reaction! I would like to search for a module. Is there a special search-word or words to search for? For example "ssq module"?
  8. A while ago i have bumped into a Timex SSQ and fell in love with it. I love the shape and form of the watch, so i am wearing it on my wrist. But ... not functioning... "your watch is dead" , people are telling me. As i am not an expert in watches i did open the inside of the Timex to see what was going on. Immediately - of course - i saw the corrosion damaged by the battery cell. Well, my question is: - is it repairable? - Does anyone know to point me in the right direction? - Does it need a new module? - Any suggestions will be helpfull: i'm not going to throw my Timex SSQ away After i opened the watch, i carefully closed it again. Better be looked by a person who really knows what he's talking about. But i took pictures, so i you can see what i saw. Well, hope somebody can help me ! Greetings, Santi Tilburg, the Netherlands.
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