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  1. Gosh that looks pretty basic to the stuff the American Astronauts wear I watched a superb part film/part documentary on the legendary Sergei Korolev a true visionary but harshly treated by the Stalinist regime until they realized his potential.
  2. What an absolutely fabulous article made My Sunday whilst watching the Old Firm derby thankyou for posting a truly enjoyable read.
  3. I love the bottom one it was the first watch I wore flying My first commercial Jet the Boeing-757 the Lume on that looks amazing I am off to Yokohama next month so will try and see them in the flesh.
  4. Very underrated brand Longines I especially love the VHP Conquest but that Hydro Conquest looks superb wear it in very good health.
  5. To answer Vinn's question Yes I have You take your passport and your ID and they give you a guided tour plus at the end the Boeing staff ply You with a ton of goodies,pens,posters,crew tags,caps.The weather in Yokohama was hot and humid I toyed with the idea of going to Mount Fuji on the Shinkansen however I have already done this twice plus its better to do this in winter as the weather can be clearer poor Seiya San was busy with work matters I ventured over to the big Yodabashi camera store next to Yokohama Station looked at the Casio Pro Trek PRW-50/60 watches they looked ok but nothing special the stock levels of everything in the Seiko,Citizen,Orient and Casio were superb prices are high but if You take your Passport and Orange customs card you get 8% discount i'll put some photos up later have a super weekend everyone.
  6. I may pop into Bic Camera and check out the new line of Casio Pro Trek Climber watches such as the PRW-60 and PRW-50 with the tax free there are some good discounts to be had I may try and persuade Seiya San to meet up for coffee and pastries.
  7. I had the very first version of this model it was a big chunk of metal but feature packed I must admit the newer version is very striking and o love the colour scheme.
  8. A fantastic set of watches each one is special in its own right.
  9. That is most kind of You this is a really lovely place and very nice Persons on here kudos to the boss and mods for keeping it so.
  10. I believe someone beat Me to it that's a nice pair as they say-)!
  11. I see Matt Allwright the chap on Watchdog used to wear a vintage Citizen Aqualand with the digital display at top He's now sporting a Suunto Core.
  12. Thankyou Sir by the way love that little Gif under your user name very cool and really amusing-).
  13. All I can say is Wow a truly ecletic mix of watches I am in full drool mode here
  14. Dear Roy many thanks for the warm welcome.
  15. From a fresh battery and reset of Perpetual calendar Oh and the Lume is superb as there is just so much of it.
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