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  1. I took some more photos of the inside of the case, theirs numbers which are easy to see but also what looks like some symbols and numbers but are much harder to make out. Thanks for all the help so far!! Some more shots
  2. Okay..got the back off, hope this helps!! Paul
  3. Hi, It could be 1960s, but I don't know for sure the only thing we know is its in a photo from 78 of him wearing it so that's the earliest date we have, I might try find the original invoice as he probably kept it. Cheers, Paul. Hey thanks for that, I might have a go at getting the back off, if I do I will take some photos and see what we get. My Grandfather was ex UK Royal Navy and moved here (NZ) after the war, so was bought here at some stage...currently only 1 seller of Roamer watches in Auckland, presumably there was more back in the 60s - 70s. Thanks for your help, Paul.
  4. Hi Everyone, brand new to the forums, Im trying find any information on this Roamer regarding model and age. The only thing that I know for sure regarding age is my Grandfather had it in 1978. Any help would be much appreciated.
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