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  1. The markings I can see on the watch are a “T” close to the top of the back of the watch Then a 9, 2, .375 and the Chester hallmark all in the centre
  2. Thank you all for your replies! [emoji4] I have attached two more images below are are magnified views, I’m more than happy to send more images if required I have wound the watch up and it seems to work perfectly, I can also change the time still
  3. Good evening, I’m brand new to the forum, I’m hoping this is the right location to post this...I have recently inherited my great grand fathers pocket watch, I know very little about pocket watches and I am very interested to see if anyone can shed any light on it, I’m intrigued to know the year of manufacture and also the materials used. THOS RUSSEL & SON is printed onto the watch face and again in the workings of the watch along side other engravings, I have attached a few images and it would be great if someone could give me some information about the pocket watch Thanks in advance .jpg[/img] More images
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